Updating the Second Life forum rules

It seems clear that Linden Lab doesn’t want to expend a penny on providing users a moderated support forum like other content creation systems do.

Linden Lab puts up rules like the Forum Guidelines and the sticky that Torley Linden added to the Resident Answers forum, but they clearly have zero desire to enforce the rules.

Linden Lab has more users that it can do a good job of providing service to, so if some folks quit because their requests for help go unanswered because they got pushed back into invisibility by ignorant ideologues arguing politics, or people saying the word “Pie” over and over as if they’d never heard it before, it’s no skin off Linden Lab’s nose.

The continued existence and widespread popularity of forums that consist largely of hatefulness and vulgarity, sometimes in the cause of humor, sometimes not, certainly suggests that having a “Professional Wresting Style” forum instead of a real support forum won’t cause the forum use to cease. Indeed, there will probably be more traffic in the forum as a result of not enforcing any of their stated, well publicized rules.

Given that having the sort of on-topic, pleasant, cordial forum that would result from following and enforcing their prominently placed rules in both letter and spirit is not something Linden Lab gives a hoot about, why can’t Linden Lab remove the meaningless rules and put up a realistic set of rules?

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