Hipihi 50011 – first try

It took a long time for only a 62 meg file to download Hipihi 50011 but it did finally make it.

I’ve installed it and am now on the login screen.

I didn’t uninstall the old version, which might be an error.

I didn’t make the changes that you used to have to make in the previous versions that gave me a partially English language interface.  I don’t know if the Anglicized version  of 50011 is available yet.

Hipihi was down for several days implementing the server side and client changes.

Well here goes.


“Server Maintenance”, says the dialog box with the error message.

It says it in English though, so that’s good.  The installation program did ask for a language but that is common in installation programs, it’s  often for determining what language the installation program displays rather than what language the program being installed will use.

I was hoping for something to save me from the Second Life Resident Answers forum. 

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