Are the Flock forums closed?

Are the Flock forums closed?

It appears that none of my posts are showing up anymore. It doesn’t seem too plausible to have an over a week lag time in processing the post queue.

Are my posts not suitable?

Flock seems pretty nice. 

Despite the needless error message  that occurs when I navigate around this site, I’m using the blog editor to make this post.  The Flock blog editor is much much nicer to use than the one that comes as part of  That’s not saying much, though, because the editor that comes with sucks.  But the difference between sucking and not sucking is a big big difference.

Microsoft’s blog editor is nice, but the Flock blog editor pops up faster. It has a simple little text editor, about the same complexity maybe as wordpad.

For those that don’t know, Flock is a browser based on Mozilla code, or as some might say, it’s a modified form of Firefox.   It’s designed to be a “social browser”, to tie together to some degree your facebook and myspace and your blog and your bebo account. 

Now to suite me, Flock would add some connectivity for virual worlds and online collaboration systems like Zoho.

I’m in Second Life, Kaneva, Novoking, There, Hipihi, the Empire of Sports beta – it would be great to have the browser have some awareness of that sort of thing.

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