Novoking: where is everyone?

The Novoking virtual world in progress is a nice looking place. Unfortunately it seems almost completely empty almost all the times I have visited it.

Where is everyone?

Is the test population severely limited?


4 Responses to “Novoking: where is everyone?”

  1. Wangxiang Tuxing Says:

    Since approx. 2 weeks, my avatar is invisible on the screen (although I run the last 0.92 version)… and I imagine many have the same problem.

    I just check from time to time if the error has been corrected (it has not) : there is no reason to spend time in Novoking for the time being.

  2. Sofian Mannonen Says:

    Despite several attempts I was never able to enter in Novoking, so I am not surprised that this world be empty!
    And when asked to give information they don’t answer…
    Is there really somebody working for Novoking…?

  3. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I’ve not had the troubles with Novoking you describe.

    I was able to register with Novoking, and having done that, able to post in the English section of the Novoking forum.

    The download is slow, but eventually it has succeeded.

    I’m there now, and I do now have the invisible avatar problem. I have not had it before.

    There’s a facebook Novoking group, have you contacted the Novoking staff in that group via a facebook message?

    Possibly an email to all of the following addresses will get answers:

    联系我们 Contact Us

    北京创想无限科技有限公司公司地址:北京海淀区上地三街9号嘉华大厦C座403室邮政编码:100085 Beijing to a limitless Technology Co., Ltd. Address: Beijing Haidian District, and three on the 9th Street Ka Wah Building C, Room 403 Zip code: 100085
    联系电话:82790910 Tel: 82790910

    新闻采访: News:
    商务合作: Business:
    产品建议: Product suggestions:
    客户服务: Customer Service:
    活动运营: Operating activities:
    人才招聘: Recruitment:

    If I’d tried contacting a company through the suggested method and received no response I’d have no qualms about sending email to every email address I could find for them , explaining why it is sent to a wrong seeming address, and asking for help anyway.

  4. SuezanneC Baskeville Says:

    I have seen a few people in the Novoking world since this post.

    It’s a nice looking place, and it allows users to import mesh builds created in 3DMax and some other such 3D modeling programs. has some good info on getting started at Novoking.

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