Multiverse worlds – where are they?

There’s a few in-progress Multiverse worlds, the demo social and demo fantasy worlds, plus Dark Horizons,  which is always empty, Force of Arms, also always empty, Lunar Quest, always empty, and Forgotten Legends, which doesn’t work at all on my system.

Are there any Multiverse worlds that one can go to  and run into someone?


One Response to “Multiverse worlds – where are they?”

  1. Sofian Mannonen Says:

    Competition is hard…
    Every Multiverse is not Second Life and a lot of newcomers in this “business” will not last long.
    Twinity is also almost empty when I visit it, but I seldom go here (it is boring…) and I can’t be certain…
    In HiPiHi according to the map there is also few people when I visit, but at my time most Chinese must be sleeping, so…

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