Twinity virtual world – some early shots

This is the Twinity virtual world as scene in the days prior to and including 12-21-07.

Virtual world enthusiasts and other interested parties should check out to apply for the testing program.

Twinity - SuezanneC Baskerville portrait

Twinity – a photoset on Flickr

7 Responses to “Twinity virtual world – some early shots”

  1. Dedric Mauriac Says:

    I registered, but it may be a while. It looks like they are based in Germany.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Why would being based in Germany affect how long it takes for them to respond?

    In case it’s not clear, the little link below the picture above links to a set of picture of Twinity at

  3. Dedric Mauriac Says:

    I didn’t mean that being based in Germany would make it take a while. I’m just making an observation.

  4. StarryNite Says:

    Please feel free to Joint the official Twinity Forum at
    And if you are a member already then send a request with your Twinity email address to to join the Beta Area and Twinity Support will add you to that group.

    Best Reagrds,
    P.S. 9mmBooks says Hi…..

  5. Twinity blog » Blog Archive » Twinity screenshots by SuezanneCB Says:

    […] SuezanneCB has some nice screenshots of Twinity on her blog. […]

  6. sammy Says:

    plzz let me back on i do not remeber what i did plzz text back

  7. frank bear Says:

    i have been gone about 1 month ue to knee surgery when i came back to my property my home was missing n any sexual things n dances i paid real money for is gone i would like my things returned n a explanation why twinity would do this before i have to carry this matter further i hope ur security if u have any at all can give me a ansewer to why this happened thank you frank

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