Worlds Chat – My life is complete – I have found the Worlds Hanson Superstore

Worlds (aka Worlds Chat) has a bunch of different places requiring you to download and restart. One of these is the Hanson Superstore.

Uploaded by SuezanneC Baskerville on 20 Dec 07, 12.14AM CST.


2 Responses to “Worlds Chat – My life is complete – I have found the Worlds Hanson Superstore”

  1. Dedric Mauriac Says:

    I tried that once. I downloaded a David Bowie world and every room I walked into had the same problem. Download/Restart. I couldn’t stand it. And talk about empty. I never saw anyone there.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Heh heh, the David Bowie room is still there, although I’d been all over the place by the time I got there and didn’t stop in.

    There’s a lot of music rooms, it’s surprising to me that there are as many as there are. I suppose they didn’t require any great investment of labor on the part of the musicians or their representatives.

    I’d like to get out on the arm of the spacestation, at least I think there is an arm to get out on, but you have to be a paid VIP customer to do that, if in fact you can do that at all.

    There’s supposed to be a Worlds 2.0 – it should be out already. The ad said Fall of 2007. Looks like it might be at least the rise of 2008 instead.

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