Twinity virtual world download fails

I’m registered with the Twinity virtual world test, but the download is failing.

Anyone have a copy of the Twinity installation file twinity_client(1).exe ?

I’ve had no answer for Twinity support yet.

2 Responses to “Twinity virtual world download fails”

  1. halffinn Says:

    Suzanne, apologies that I just now saw your blog. I’m guessing from your comments on Virtual Worlds Connect that you’ve gotten all this sorted out.

    Hope that we are providing support at an acceptable level to you. Thanks! – jeremy

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    The download from the website is still failing, as of January 7th, using several browsers. The file appears to download for just a little while, then stops with no error message. Running the fragment doesn’t work, of course.

    Mannon provide me with an FTP username and password to get the installation file.

    The filename obtained through this manner does not match that of the file one is being sent via the web page link.

    When you access the FTP site, there are two folders, one named tiger_369 and one named twinity-beta. I’m told that
    the tiger folder is the correct one, but the twinity-beta folder has a much more logical name, has an installation file that is more current, and has a pdf file in it. The setup.exe file in the tiger_369 folder is dated 11-5 while the setup.exe file in the twinity_beta folder is dated 12-20 .

    I’ve used the more recent file, it seems to work.

    The download link produces a dialog that attempts to save a file named twinity_client.exe . The files in the FTP folders are both named setup.exe.

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