Comcast ftp throttling impairing virtual world distribution?

There have been numerous reports that ISPs such as my ISP, Comcast, are interfering with various methods of distributing files in common use by software providers, methods like BitTorrent and FTP.

The Novoking virtual world is using ftp  and the new Twinity virtual world is using http to distribute their installation files.

I’ve had a hell of a time getting either of these downloads to work.  The ftp download starts and then shortly thereafter terminates long  before completion.

I tried ftp-ing some small files; this worked with no problem.

I am at present using the download manager FlashGet to download the over 300 meg Novoking installation file.  This appears to be working, but it looks like it will take over ten hours to download the file.  The download rate reminds one of the dialup internet era.

For me, the real problem is a lack of any source of internet service other than Comcast.  I live in an apartment, so satellite is not a real good option.  The phone company here doesn’t provide DSL service, it stops about a mile or less away from me.  The government imposes a monopoly on the provision of cable internet service, so effectively it’s Comcast or nothing.

So I suspect that in the short run one might want to get a download manager like FlashGet or something similar to help deal with this problem in the short run, while abolishing the governments that  immorally provide  monopoly privileges to big businesses for no logical reason at all  that keep me from having the full range of choice internet providers that the market could be offering in the absence of government restrictions to some and privilege to others.


3 Responses to “Comcast ftp throttling impairing virtual world distribution?”

  1. csven Says:

    Sorry to hear. I’ve been wondering if something like this would pop up. Unfortunate it had to be you.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I’m sure something will be worked out – hopefully starting with ending government grants of privilege to favored providers.

    The Novoking download is still slowly proceeding with the use of Flashget.

    Flashget does not seem to be helping any with Twinity. Twinity is an http download. Twinity, I think, is just a small company; they might have a problem with their download system. Maybe their ISP is throttling them.

    When the ISP here changed from RoadRunner to Comcast service quality went downhill overnight. This throttling fits right in.

    I am also wondering if Second Life problems are being caused by Comcast behavior. Second Life, however, is so unreliable it’s pretty hard to tell.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    In order to upload anything ftp through comcast you must select passive ftp in your settings.

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