Novoking – How do you get land to build on?

The Novoking site(, and the forums)  is no longer translating very well using the Google translation service.  The forum are very difficult to read.  I’m talking about technical problems with Google reading the page code, not the actual quality of the translation.

Other translation services such as AltaVista Babelfish deal with the page code better, but the translation quality is terrible.
This makes it hard to keep up with what is is going on.

Specifically, I was in the Novoking virtual world and came upon land divided into parcels marked with letters and numbers with some builds on them.

Obviously it is possible for some folks to get parcels and build on them.

Finding the instructions is not as easy as one would like.

There aren’t instuctions in English on the site that I see.  Once you click on the English button at the bottom right of the site, the Support link at the bottom no longer works, though it does work when the page is in Chinese mode.

So I am asking for help in getting a parcel of land to build on in Novoking.


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