Hipihi 40011 (English Interface Version) out now

I am just now installing the new English version of Hipihi.

The opening screen of the installation is in English, the TOS is in Chinese.
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I hope that more of the interface is in English that there was in the preliminary test English version.

Note that this is still a beta version of Hipihi, still in testing, still not feature complete, but there should be some new features, such as an inventory system, there were already some improvements to the building functions compared to the time of my last report.

The Hipihi company website is at http://hipihi.com,  the English language official forums are at forums.hipihi.com, and the third party English language forum site is at http://www.ideashape .cn.

There’s also a Hipihi facebook group, with some Hipihi staff members in the group, and there’s a Hipihi group that’s part of Virtual Worlds Connect, I believe.   Plus this blog,  a number of Chinese language Hipihi third party forums, and some Hipihi Myspace groups.

Ok, installation is done, it’s promping me to click Finish to launch Hipihi.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Well, it’s bit disappointing to report, but it crashed.   Time for a reboot of the computer and see what it does with a fresh computer.  I’d been running Second Life and Novoking both previously so there might have been a problem unrelated to Hipihi.

There might also be a problem caused by my failure to read any instructions; I might have been supposed to uninstall the old version, or install in a different directory, or who knows.

======== time passes ========

The computer has rebooted.  The second try has begun.  The loading screen is at 40 percent and , phooey, crash.

Time to read the instructions and hit the forums.


Well, I got on the Hipihi MSN group started by the IdeaShape folks, of which Hipihi staffer Zafka Zhang is a member, and described the problem; Zafka said to uninstall old versions first, so I did uninstalls for all the Hipihi versions I had around.

That got me past the previously described problem, but now the terrain is gray, textureless.

==== time passes ====

Well, time to try the old computer standby = reload the program, maybe the terrain will appear properly.


3 Responses to “Hipihi 40011 (English Interface Version) out now”

  1. bjorn Says:

    have you tried uninstalling all registry files too on your comp? msg me tomorrow if you still have problems.. =)

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I have completely uninstalled all versions of Hipihi. then renamed the remaining Hipihi program folders, which should keep the the new installation from finding them.

    Then a new installation, and still gray terrain.

    I have not done any manual registry editing.

    I haven’t see the now current list of system requirements. I was told that system requirements were to be lowered, not increased.

    I’ve been thinking of buying a new video card myself anyway, because Second Life’s test version with the environment and lighting system called Windlight slows my system down a bit too much.

    If this problem affects anyone else then it needs to get looked at.

  3. Wangxiang Tuxing Says:

    Just tried – and I have the same problem with the new version : a gray terrain 😉

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