Hipihi and Intel and Vidal Sassoon

The following is from an email I got from the Hipihi publicity department:

============== quote from Hipihi:

This is a news update from HiPiHi™: China’s pioneer of the 3D virtual world. While we are working hard towards Public Beta test which is scheduled for the first quarter in 2008, our global strategic deployment is also kicking off.

HiPiHi made two major announcements this week:

November 20, 2007 – Intel China and HiPiHi has reached a landmark agreement: Intel China has become IT industry’s inaugural corporate “resident” of HiPiHi. This agreement will see both Intel and HiPiHi adopt a collaborative approach towards promoting the development of the 3D internet, driving new models of in-world application development and improving access of more internet users to a new platform that fuses their real and “virtual” lives.

Simultaneous Handshakes in Real & Virtual Worlds between HiPiHi CEO, Xu Hui & Intel Vice President (PRC Geo), Ian Yang

New namecards from HiPiHi

For your information, the following media has reported this collaboration:

Intel Debuts in HiPiHi: Building the Pioneer Enterprise Virtual Community in China

“Intel will occupy a 160,000 square -metre “Intel island” in the HiPiHi world, which consists of the “Intel Experience Center”, “Intel Activity Zone” and the “Intel Partners Club”… Intel’s innovative server solutions will provide powerful technical support for the 3D Internet.”

Innovative Experience: Intel Enters HiPiHi
“Under their collaborative agreement, the two parties will jointly boost the development of 3D Internet so as to bring brand-new experience to their users。”

Intel Debuts in HiPiHi: Virtual Marketing

Intel’s First Experience in the Virtual World

Intel’s High Profile Entry into HiPiHi

November 22, 2007 – HiPiHi establishes a partnership with Vidal Sassoon to build “Midnight Salon”– China’s first-ever hair salon inside a virtual world environment.
It exemplifies the business innovation potential of the virtual world platform for traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses. Together, both companies believe the virtual world medium will continue to prosper with the continued entry of more business organizations that will quicken the pace of business innovation and build a richer ecosystem mirroring that of the real world.

Real-world Launch Ceremony of VS “Midnight Salon” by HiPiHi CEO Xu Hui. Taiwan celebrity Landy Wen and VS staff

The HiPiHi resident community joins in the fun at the in-world “Midnight Salon”

For your information, the following are some media who has reported this event:

Vidal Sassoon and HiPiHi build China’s 1st Virtual World Hair Salon
“Midnight Salon” is a true revolution in online consumer experience, as it leverages upon Vidal Sassoon’s expertise in professional haircare and consumer lifestyle that is enhanced by the richly immersive and real-time interactive nature of the HiPiHi world.

China Business Press Release Newswire

voIP China

新华网 xinhua

For more information, you could also visit our official forum:

Thanks for your continual attention to HiPiHi. Please do let us know if you have any enquires or suggestions for HiPiHi. All the best to you and keep in touch.

Best regards!

Business Development (International)
HiPiHi Co., Ltd.
Tel: (8610) 5873 1100
Fax: (8610) 5873 2567
Email: bd@hipihi.com
Website: http://www.hipihi.com( Main site)
English version: http://www.hipihi.com/index_english.html

想了解更多?欢迎随时来看看: http://www.hipihi.com

============================== Back to Sue writing now.

I didn’t make it to the inworld activities but I had seen the Vidal Sasson site and the Intel site before getting this email.  There’s a Intel symbol on the map now.

Speaking of which, I’d like to suggest that Hipihi make a layer on the map for advertisements,  just as I suggested for Second Life years ago.  This might help keep folks from needlessly designing building and wasting shapes to be seen on the map.   Do you aerial view map ads in a straightforward way, on a map layer.

============================= More from Sue:

There’s   a partial English interface translation version of Hipihi available now, download the current version, install it, and there’s a text file you have to make one small change in, and you get a partially Anglicized version of the interface.  Details can be found in the Overseas Zone forum at forums.hipihi.com.

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