Novoking sandbox pictures – build editor- creative garden – first objects

I was under the impression there was a place you could build somewhere in the Novoking beta. I just couldn’t find it. I saw a picture of it in the Novoking forums. A few hours later I was looking for that picture and had a hard time finding it – hard to navigate a forum you can’t read. I finally used the Opera browser’s cache viewer to find the picture in my local browser cache. As I looked at it it dawned on me that the mini-map in the top right corner  revealed where the Novoking sandbox was on the big map – which would enable me to get to it. I was right. A few minutes later, I had Novoking back up and started looking. Before long I found the build editor, and then was on the way to staying up longer than I should before a work day. Again.

3 Responses to “Novoking sandbox pictures – build editor- creative garden – first objects”

  1. csven Says:

    Are the build tools parametric?

  2. SuezanneC Baskerville Says:

    I don’t recall having seen a translated version of the build tools yet.

    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by are they parametric.

    This inworld building system uses forms somewhat like SL prims. You can adjust the size, position, rotation, you can texture them, you can copy a selected one. I didn’t figure out how to or whether you can link them.

    This inworld building system is in addition to users being able to import objects created in 3D programs like Maya or 3D Studio Max.

    I did not make as much progress in Novoking building as I did with Hipihi building.

    Novoking’s not been as good at providing English info as Hipihi was.

    It’s a real shame that the translation services like Google language tools won’t allow you to be logged in to a translated forum.

  3. csven Says:

    SL’s system uses procedural/parametric modeling; not polygons. Having shapes (prims) defined by equations instead of datasets has some advantages.

    I was curious because I’d recently read that the consultant who developed the modeling tools for LL had lobbied for more complex shapes, but LL only wanted the basic shapes now available. Seeing the screenshots you posted, I was reminded of his comment.

    Your mentioning the ability to import objects from Maya/Max (almost certainly poly’s and not NURBs) has me wondering if Novoking is taking a hybrid approach; something I’ve wondered if LL might try. Or maybe everything is poly’s.

    Oh well. I’ll find out soon enough.

    Thanks for the ongoing entries about the tools for this and HiPiHi. Much appreciated.

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