Cisco Telepresence units – where would like to see them?

I’d like to see a Cisco telepresence unit in all the elementary schools in the world so the kids all get to meet and be friends with kids from all over the world, every day.  Children should be speaking with people from all around the world every single day now – we need the world’s people to get to know each other better  so we don’t keep treating people badly just because they were born far away geographically or are separated by cultural barriers or government imposed restrictions on free trade and travel.

I can see having one in a special place in your residence – your global meeting room.  When you wanted to get together with your old friends from high school but it’s too far to meet in reality – you just get a couple of beers and sit back in the LazyBoy equipped telepresence unit and jabber about old times feeling just about like your in the same room.

Of  course you can accomplish similar effects with different brands of equipment, and somewhat similar though not nearly as powerful effect with much lower cost, lower resolution equipment.   That would be fine also.


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