Novoking sandbox pictures – build editor- creative garden – first objects

I was under the impression there was a place you could build somewhere in the Novoking beta. I just couldn’t find it. I saw a picture of it in the Novoking forums. A few hours later I was looking for that picture and had a hard time finding it – hard to navigate a forum you can’t read. I finally used the Opera browser’s cache viewer to find the picture in my local browser cache. As I looked at it it dawned on me that the mini-map in the top right corner  revealed where the Novoking sandbox was on the big map – which would enable me to get to it. I was right. A few minutes later, I had Novoking back up and started looking. Before long I found the build editor, and then was on the way to staying up longer than I should before a work day. Again.


Novoking – first visits, pictures and comments

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Novoking is quite impressive looking.
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Cisco Telepresence units – where would like to see them?

I’d like to see a Cisco telepresence unit in all the elementary schools in the world so the kids all get to meet and be friends with kids from all over the world, every day.  Children should be speaking with people from all around the world every single day now – we need the world’s people to get to know each other better  so we don’t keep treating people badly just because they were born far away geographically or are separated by cultural barriers or government imposed restrictions on free trade and travel.

I can see having one in a special place in your residence – your global meeting room.  When you wanted to get together with your old friends from high school but it’s too far to meet in reality – you just get a couple of beers and sit back in the LazyBoy equipped telepresence unit and jabber about old times feeling just about like your in the same room.

Of  course you can accomplish similar effects with different brands of equipment, and somewhat similar though not nearly as powerful effect with much lower cost, lower resolution equipment.   That would be fine also.

Novoking beta – I’m starting the Novoking beta

I got the Novoking beta invitation last night.  I have it installed now, I think, and have clicked on what might be the shortcut for running the program. I have some screenshots of the installation process.  I haven’t made it into the 3D world yet.

And I don’t have any more time now,  I have to go to work.   More later.

====== later.

Error!  I suspect it’s that I have an unrelated physics processing system installed.  Maybe. So the installation went fine.  Running Novoking  produced an “always on top” screen that made taking screenshots difficult.  I clicked the first button, labeled in Chinese, of course,and it appeared to open the Novoking web site. I clicked the second button, I think it was, and got an error message with the english word Physics embedded in it.

More later.

Gmail – don’t search my email signature. Duh.

I have the phrase “Second Life” in my Gmail signature.  When I use the Gmail “Search” function, if I put in “Second Life” as a search term, Gmail is returning every one of my posts.  This is not optimum behavior.  Don’t search my signature.  Sheesh.

“Hi-Time” Hipihi digital magazine, volume 2

There’s a “digital magazine” produced by the Hipihi company available for download at .

I don’t think it has any information about stems or seed or the best kind of growing lights.  That’s “High Times”.   Remeber High Times?

This Hi-Time  digital magazine concerns itself with the Hipihi virtual world.  You can get both volume 1 and volume 2 at that site.

Attention Programmers: sometimes the taskbar is at the top of the screen. Keep your programs out from under it.

I have two computers for my use.  One, the one I’m writing this on, has an obsolete onboard graphics card.  That’s my surfing computer.  The other one has an ATI x800.  Although nothing to write home about so far as being a great graphics card, it sucks less than the other one, so it’s my gaming, or actually 3D virtual world and other more graphically demanding application machine.

I do my Second-Life-ing  on the other machine, and I run SL in windowed mode, because I like to see my taskbar, and it also switches tasks much nicer in windowed mode.

SL’s popup help and the taskbar don’t play well together.  The tooltips for SL appear while the cursor is over the taskbar, which bugs me.  I am thus moved to put the taskbar at the top of the screen in order to avoid this SL tooltip and Windows taskbar misbehavior.

Having the taskbar on the top of one machine and at the bottom of the other machine’s display might seem like it would bug me, given that I’m fairly easy to bug, but it actually doesn’t cause me any trouble at all.

Applications, however, don’t seem to be able to figure out that the taskbar is at the top of the screen, and insist on drawing themselves with their title bar and or menu bar covered up by the taskbar.

If there’s one company that ought to know where the taskbar is, it ought to be Microsoft.  After all, they wrote the taskbar.  However, this is not the case.  Microsoft applications such as, for example, the new Windows Live Mail program, can’t figure out where the freaking taskbar is and draw themselves in the space below the taskbar.

This is not rocket science here.  There are Windows function calls that will tell you where the working area of the screen is.  Some programs get it right and never appear partially obscured by the taskbar at the top.

Why can’t programmers manage to keep their software from showing up with the title bar and menu bar not covered up by the taskbar? I get tired of having to move it to the side or bottom and then  down and then move the taskbar back.

Of course if SL could manage to not have it’s tooltips misbehave when the taskbar is at the bottom I might have my taskbar at the bottom and I wouldn’t be writing this now.  I suppose I might be griping about something else.

Please don’t tell me to use the autohide function; if you were paying attention you’d have noticed that I said I like to see the taskbar.  You can’t see it when it’s hiding, can you?

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