In praise of

I’m interested in social networking,  online collaboration, and related topics.

I used to read at intervals, which led to subscribing to’s email feed.

There’s not many of these daily email news services who’s output I actually
look forward to  reading.   I might skip past every single other of my email
news messages but I’ll generally read all of Mashables. If I don’t read them
when they’re current I’ll go back and read them later. Generally I’ll read almost
every story in it; I might skip the most business and finance oriented ones.

Tonight I came upon Mashable’s page that lets you list “your networks”.  I’m
not through filling it out yet, there’s a fair number of them, but it’s really nice
to have the big list the Mashable crew has assembled to jog your memory.

So hats off to  Pete and the rest of the Mashable crew for producing
such an interesting, amusing, and useful news feed.

Sign up!


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