Hotel gone insane or Turkish Daily News prank war?

This struck me as a pretty silly thing to read:

At the virtual hotel opened by Rixos Hotels in the virtual world of Second Life, everything operates in the same way as in real Rixos Hotels in Turkey. The hotel also plans to choose its future personnel from among the personnel who prove to be successful in the second life ISTANBUL – Anatolia News Agency

I hope the managers have fun ordering the virtual coffee packets and trash bags and finding virtual avatars to run scripted vaccuum cleaners along the virtual carpets.  They’ll have a heck of a time finding gestures for doing all the things one needs to do in a real life hotel.

In a real life hotel one has a bit of privacy in one’s room; in SL every hotel room can be the
start of the neighbors  career in virtual porn.

“I had trouble sleeping in the virtual hotel, my virtual room was right next to the virtual ice dispenser.”


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