Kaneva – kicked from mall for mentioning Second Life

This seems like a childish and hateful response to me.

Perhaps this attitude helps to explain the low number of users present in Kaneva after so many years spent developing it.  Not allowing virtual world enthusiasts and early adopters to discuss the matters that interest them – namely, among other things, the merits and demerits of different virtual worlds, not allowing the people I posed the question to to provide a response to me,  demonstrating the employee’s inability to provide an answer to the question I posed – how do they expect to garner support by this grouchy repressive behavior?

The question I posed, why would someone prefer to spend their time in
the Kaneva beta, which is extremely limited in the range of actions
available to it’s users,  compared to Second Life, which has many thousands of times
of virtual space as Kaneva, a developed economy, a scripting language, etc?

In my case, I drop in to Kaneva and other virtual worlds because I like virtual worlds.
I visit Papermint and IMVU and fire up Active Worlds at times.  I’m trying a game
called Taikodom  to see what a space game is like.  Taikodom, by the way, looks beautiful,
and while the game is Portuguese interfaced at present, with the game chat being in Portuguese, I was greeted by helpful responses in clear English, and the interface was simple and intuitive enough that despite my never haver used such a game before, I was able to get out of the dock and see the beautiful space scenery without getting frustrated and quitting.  The Taikodom site is  at http://www.taikodom.com.br/Página_principal.

There’s another virtual world in development on it’s way into beta testing, Novoking,
website at novoking.com.  I’ll be looking forward to that.

Commentators on the web  express or report concern about government censorship in virtual worlds.
Who needs government censorship when you have “baby needs a nap”
behavior like that display by the operator of the Corelli avatar?


25 Responses to “Kaneva – kicked from mall for mentioning Second Life”

  1. Timbo Urbanowicz Says:

    Hehe you must be kidding me, this is fun! Way to go Kaneva!

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    It wasn’t just a kick from the mall, they closed the account and deleted my name from the records and deleted my apartment.

    They must have little confidence in the merits of their program if they have no answer to the question of why a person would be giving it a try.

    It’s also rather pointless to ban an account when you don’t do anything to stop the person that runs the account from starting another account.

    It’s foolhardy on their part; they are adding features, a bit of tolerance on their part might have allowed me to stay and see the features and thus find more something good to say about their program.

    I wonder if the person who did that is a child. Certainly seemed to act like a poorly behaved child.

  3. Maheegan Hallard Says:

    Thanks Sue for saving me lots of time. 🙂

    I was looking for an alternative to Second Life after I had my account closed by the Lindens for logging in from the “wrong IP”. I was using an IP cloaker – zap went the account.

    Kaneva was one of the possible alternatives, but I won’t waste my time there now. Corelli looks like a kid to me btw, but it doesn’t matter.

    Had to explain to the Lindens that I’m not automatically a criminal just because I don’t like to flash my IP and personal details all over the Internet for others to abuse. We had a few not-so-good experiences on the web and I had good reason to try to improve our computer security. (Maybe people who choose to NOT print their name and address in the phonebook are also criminals…)

    By the way, do you know anything about HiPiHi, the Chinese SL clone? Do you see HiPiHi as an alternative to Second Life?

    cheers, sorry for the rant…

  4. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    With regard to your expulsion from Second Life, I would suggest that you might try sending email to the Second Life staff to discuss the matter. I don’t want to single out a particular employee but you can send email to most any of the staff by putting their avatar’s first name in front of @lindenlab.com . I’ve sent email to several Linden staff and received answers when I was polite and coherent in my message. I’d suggest sending some email to the higher-ups. Polite, concise, and coherent email. Might not work but it can’t hurt and it’s free.

    Hipihi is currently in testing. It’s not feature complete. It’s not AT PRESENT to be an alternative to SL. It’s also got an interface in Chinese. This will change, though – there will be an English language version of Hipihi, and development is proceeding. If things proceed as the Hipihi company plans it will be another modern, powerfully featured virtual world for people to consider using. Of course, one doesn’t have to pick just one virtual world to be in. I can run SL and Hipihi just fine on my Gateway at the same time, so one can be in both at once if they choose. I expect that Hipihi will take a bit longer to finish than the company expects; that’s just the nature of things. When it’s done I think it will a good virtual world that offers users power and flexibilty in what they can do inworld. I hope the statements by SL and Hipihi’s executives that they want to see common standards and interoperability aren’t just a bunch of empty talk. At the very least, one should be able to “make a long distance phone call” and chat between SL and Hipihi! That’s not asking too much.

    Kaneva is also still in beta, still adding features. It may turn out to be a worthwhile way to spend time. Kaneva does have a pretty bad problem of loading time when you start it and loading time when you move from one scene to another within the Kaneva world.

    The Kaneva folks have unsuspended my account. I’ve been back in to see the dance contest. I didn’t really get what was so great about it but then I’ve spend hundreds of hours dance-fly-skate-jumping in Second Life; maybe I’m just a bit jaundiced. They need more dances for one thing.
    I think Kaneva might have in mind to add 3D games for the avatars to play.

    Kaneva has made it where doing much of anything costs money, unlike SL where a person can build objects and write scripts till their fingers fall off without spending a penny.

    There’s a Hipihi page on this blog. https://suezannecbaskerville.wordpress.com/hipihi . Also there a subforum in the Hipihi forums for English speakers, and there’s a forum for Hiphi users in English at http://www.ideashape.cn .

    There’s another virtual world coming out before too long, it’s supposed to have started it’s public testing in the last week or so, and I was told I would get an invitation, but I haven’t got one yet. Most likely the makers are quite busy, I suspect. I’m talking about NovoKing, or novoKing, or Novoking, they don’t seem to have quite stabilized the capitalization of their name yet. That is at http://www.novoking.com, I belive. Novoking will be a bit different from SL and Hipihi in that you will be able to import objects created in 3D Max, so that should make an interesting change in the object creation system.

    Also there is another virtual world getting closer to public view, the uWorld system in production by uonenet. So far I haven’t had great luck in finding English info on that.

    For a world that’s a bit different, one can try Papermint. Papermint has a different look to it. It’s like a 3D world with 2D cartoon characters and objects in it. It’s got a German interface, which made it pretty much impossible for me to use. There were instructions inworld in German that I really needed to be able to read, but they are textures, so no way to cut and paste the text into Google language tools, so I was limited to looking about and clicking at random. I asked for help in some forums but didnt’ get any. But if you speak any German I’d certainly try Papermint. Papermint’s at http://www.papermint.at/

  5. Maheegan Hallard Says:

    Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply, this was very useful information.

    I don’t necessarily want to judge the Lindens, I do realise they are under pressure to protect themselves and they are also under pressure from governments because of the gambling and pressure to add taxation because it is possible to make money in SL. It certainly can’t be easy…

    I would have liked an “offline” version of SL, where one could do all the designing/building/scripting locally on one’s own HD, without having to be logged on at all (except possibly for uploading the ready item once it’s finished). I would think that might remove some of the lag too. If Linden Labs release an offline version of SL, I would probably get it.

    Again, thank you very much.

    Best regards,

  6. Ric Mollor Says:

    That’s very interesting that you were kicked for mentioning Second Life. I am a user of Kaneva also and the ‘group tag’ that is displayed above my avatar is “Second Life User’. Have gotten in quite a few discussions concerning the merits of both worlds with Kaneva users and never imagined that it would provoke such a response from the administrators.

    Kaneva has landed a deal to distribute gift cards in US Target stores starting Oct 9th. Great marketing move for a world that doesn’t seem to have more than a few hundred users online at a time. Perhaps they are ready for a stampede?

  7. Sue Baskerville Says:

    I started running Kaveva about twenty minutes or so ago, maybe thirty, and it just finished downloading the updates. I wonder what the average time to wait is?

    Once you get it started you still have to wait when you go from one place to another. I see this as a fairly big drawback. I guess I’m spoiled by Second Life considerably faster loading time, and maybe don’t remember what Active Worlds and Cybertown was like.

    I believe my Tabula Rasa beta is doing a background updating process. Background updating sounds like a good idea to me.

    Virtual world makers should try if possible to make good use of people’s big empty hard drives if possible. I’ve got 256gigs mosty sitting idle on one drive that might be able to be decent cache for SL objects or maybe for Kaneva world too.

    Man Torley plays nice stuff. I’ve only got a few songs uploaded to Kaneva owing to the cumbersomeness of Kaneva’s uploading system. There’s
    another thing that needs work in Kaneva – if you are going to lie about uploading copyrighted material you will just keep lieing everytime you do it – so you might as well not badger the honest people incessantly.

    Another thing Kaneva needs to do is to allow you to set the variable for the textures you apply – the scale and offset. My textures tile themselves in a stupid way.

  8. 9mmbooks Says:


    I feel for you…. Cause the Kaneva Censorship continues… I am now posting what has been censored on the VirtualWorldsConnect.com site. I would really like it if I could have permission to Post your chat window on that site. OR you could post a comment there regarding your incident.


  9. Angela Says:

    I am a kaneva user too, but the reason why corelli banned you from kaneva was because you advertised for another competitor (second life). But I am not sure why he would ban you out of kaneva for good. Maybe he would think you would advertise for second life again, but I would guess you would advertise it, but only to your friends so you can meet them at second life.

  10. Angela Says:

    one of the rules of kaneva (forums) is that you can advertise for target or wal-mart, but you cannot advertise for another 3D virtual world or chatroom. right now it is 3:16 est and kaneva is down due to changing the kaneva server, so I can’t quite go to their website or 3D world. But with this new server, kaneva will be much faster and less lag will come. (new items will premere as well.)

  11. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Kaneva must not have much pride in their product if they can’t deal with people talking about the competition.

    This post is old, they reinstated my account.

    Kaneva’s added a lot of places and content since I made this post.

    It has outdoor space. If you watch TV you might find the TV related stuff in Kaneva interesting.

    The dance game doesn’t do a thing for me.

    I think it would be fair to say that Kaneva may be good in it’s own way and getting better but it just doesn’t suit me.

    The “Rave Me!” stuff gets old pretty quick. If I were to make one change to Kaneva it would be to take out the Rave stuff entirely.

  12. Unknown Says:

    Is Kaneva down because they use MS IIS/mysql and the internet worm took down there servers?


    My thoughts on Kaneva are not very positive. Customer service are highly active in censoring peoples views, and will quickly kick or even ban users that don’t follow what a GM requests. Religious groups are everywhere pushing there beliefs. The other half of the users speak Spanish making for a poor game experience. The graphics are like pre-Everquest, but run like Crysis…..

  13. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I’d prefer that religious groups spend more time promoting their beliefs in Kaneva and less time doing it everywhere else. 🙂

    The presence of people who speak languages other than one’s one is a good thing. A partial solution to the inability to read all the is the incorporation of machine translation with built in back translation into the chat system. The internet needs to be a way to bring people and cultures together. Another partial solution lies in finding ways to create roles for human translators to improve communications. One way would be some kind of reward system for human translators that suggest improved translations for the machine translated chat text.

    I don’t find the graphics in Kaneva to be too bad. My background in 3D graphic applications may play a part in me not being too picky. The avatars are customizable enough. I’d really like better jumping and running, and of course flying. The jumping animation is terrible.

  14. jmalone Says:

    Kaneva is a wonderful place if one acts like a adult. Now if you owned lets say a resturant would you want someone else coming in saying, hey this food sucks and i have better menus and lots more food! no i think not. so with that being said please try to remember to respect Kanevians and the people who run it and Mr. Corelli won’t have to remove you again!

  15. Frenchy Fries Says:

    Bad analogy. Virtual “worlds” are not a limited venue like a restaurant, but an entire space to “live” and interact with others. So I banning competition is extremely childish. In any virtual society people mention alternatives to almost everything from food, clothing, places to visit, things to do, and people to see or be friends with. In essence freedom of expression short of the offensive attitudes and behavior that assults and violates other users rights. And yes i may question whether MacDonalds french fries are better than In-N-Outs wihtout getting booted from either as both would gladly take my money in exchange for their goods and services. And smile, and request to “Please Come Again!”

  16. Thomas Says:

    I sure won’t let any of my friends go there now that I know this about them. Still no change in the policy against discussing Second Life on Kaneva? Welcome to North Korea!

    • clarkkent Says:

      It’s not North Korea, because you can choose to use Kaneva or not. You can’t leave North Korea if you don’t like it and you will probably die in a prison somewhere if you go against the NK government. If you don’t like the rules of Kaneva you have choice, don’t use it.

  17. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    The original post here was made in August of 2007 shortly, after Kaneva suspended my account.

    As mentioned in my reply above on April 2008, Kaneva reinstated my account. I’m not sure at this moment when prior to April 2008 Kaneva reinstated my account.

    As to what Kaneva’s current policy is on whether you are allowed to discuss the comparative merits of various virtual worlds in their main shopping mall courtyard, I don’t know. There never seems to be anyone around to have a sensible discussion with; I suppose at least in part because of Kaneva’s emphasis on “Raving”, which probably drives away most folks that are aren’t interested in playing a popularity game.

    Linden Lab appears to have abandoned it’s support of relatively free speech regarding the discussion of alternate grids and other virtual worlds in the in the Second Life forums, whereas years ago, in the SL forums, you could have a normal conversation between virtual world enthusiasts about their hobby, discussing what, for example, is the difference between Active Words, Second Life, There, etc., but now I suspect such a thread or post would be deleted and the poster suspended. That’s my understanding of LL’s behavior, at least. I think Linden Lab is worried about competition from alternate grids.

    What this means is that people who are actually virtual world enthusiasts will have to go elsewhere to talk, and perhaps lose a bit of their enthusiasm as a result of such restrictions.

    In both Kaneva and Second Life, one can, I’m sure, have such a discussion in more private parts of the service, such as in private IM, or in the part of the virtual space that is “the user’s space”, and opposed to parts that are “the company’s space.” I doubt either company has the resources or desire to restrict discussion that much.

    I think that the old virtual world Cybertown actually had, at least at one time, an automated system that kicked out anyone that type “Second Life” into the chat system, so I’ve read, at least.

    The users of the Second Life forum have on numerous occasion attempted to shut down discussion of other virtual worlds in the SL forums; acting as if doing so was an act of treason. I don’t find such behavior meritorious; collectivism is ugly to me. Worshiping groups and suppressing individual thought and expression is undesirable to me whether the group is a nation-state or a virtual world.

  18. Jenny aka: BELLO Says:

    Someone on here wondered about the difference between Kaneva and Second Life. The difference is that with Kaneva, we are a close family of people from all over the world who is always welcoming more family. I have tried both Second Life and Kaneva, and Second Life was a poor, bland, empty experience. There was no sense of family or community. It was just this large body of people randomly going around and randomly doing things. With Kaneva we are all like family and we are all about being together and doing things together..we all evolve the game together. SO, I rest my case. Sorry Second Life, you suck.

  19. Jenny aka: BELLO Says:

    Oh, and you got kicked because you were advertising another game. Sorry but that is juvenile. Do you walk into say, Burger King, and shout at the top of your lungs how everyone should go to Wendy’s? NO you don’t.. because people would laugh at you and Burger King would be offended. THAT is why you got banned. Why are you even questioning this and making blogs about it? Seriously some people don’t think before they act! 😛

    • lorddarkness 24 Says:

      ive got message for you jenny ake bello.give this to boring gay racist kaneva.if your an advisor.all you advisors what to act your age for change.start treating ppl with repect.not like children.because most ppl join kaneva are in fact adult.most are gay,bi,lesbain.like myself.in which want to be treated like one.unstead of been put down for gender resons.so my words for you wana be.kaneva is built on lies,they talk out there ass,and second life rules boring crap kaneva.because kaneva are scum of the earth.please pass this to boring kaneva .backwards retarted jenny.SECOND LIFE RULES.lordarkness gay rights.

      • Bellofolletti Says:

        First of all I wrote that years ago. Secondly I’m not an advisor and never have been, and finally why would you call names? That’s called being a bully. You don’t know anything about me. I haven’t even signed into kaneva for years! I still like kaneva, but I play other virtual worlds now. So take a deep breath before you choose to cyber bully other people.

  20. Jenny aka: BELLO Says:

    One final PS: Whoever runs Second Life needs to consider making the Avatars even slightly attractive. No matter how hard you try to alter the avatars appearance, they are always incredibly hideous. Just sayin’…

  21. jacobhyde Says:

    Hello I Also Use Kaneva My Username Is JacobHyde And i Feel the same way i got kicked 4 expressing my Opinions on Gays And Bis and i got kicked..i Saw this and i decided to mention SecondLife and see what happened.I Couted and i was kicked 157 times in 157 diffrent places.

    • lorddarkness 24 Says:

      hi jacobhyde am gay aswell.we know that kaneva is against gay,bi,lesbian people been on kaneva.ty have been starting on loads of them.in which most gay gender have even joined twitter telling gay rights campains about whats going on.by way thy have been treated on kaneva.not allowed to kiss in city or talk without advisor doing kick out city.as am in with gay rights.ake gay worlds were here put end to this virtual world very soon.with whats thy doing.

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