Hipihi Avatar Template files.

I have added  some English to the folder and filenames for the Hipihi avatar templates and placed the result in my Hipihi Google group.

The zipped photoshop template files should be at http://groups.google.com/group/hipihi-group/files .

The above is a thumbnail shot, the file “Hipihi Avatar Templates人物模板 Renamed with English.zip” contains the layered photoshop files one would need to use as a starting point for designing clothes for Hipihi avatars.

Perhaps someone more familiar with this can tell me if these are identical in form to Second Life templates, or perhaps indentical to some kind of Poser templates, or if they conform to any other standard, or if they are unique to Hipihi.


3 Responses to “Hipihi Avatar Template files.”

  1. Annyka Says:

    I just discovered your blog today, so sorry if this reply is a bit out of date.

    At first glance, the template looks identical to SL’s avatar templates, right down to the platterpuss feet.

    On closer inspection, they are quite different. it looks like Hipihi’s designers took SL’s avatar mesh and cleaned it up considerably.One of the problems with SL’s mesh is the presence of a lot of random triangles all over the place. I dont know much about modeling, but apparently this is bad in 3d. Hipihi’s mesh looks like all the triangles are neatly divided rectangles. There’s a lot more detail in Hipihi’s face, plus they put the eyeballs right on the face texture which is nice. They also seem to have a separate mesh for male and female

    On the other hand, the contours of the Hipihi mesh dont even try to follow the contours of the muscle forms like SL’s do. It would be interesting to see how textures stretch and deform on a moving avatar.

    Its too bad that they went with Linden’s decision to use the single arm texture with the seams right down the middle. This is a frustration to many a tattoo designer.

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Thanks for the response.

    How can you tell that they don’t follow the contours of the muscle forms? Are you able to tell this just by looking at them?

    Sigh, Hipihi will taken to task every time they do something like Linden Lab did, and every time they do something different. Such is life.

    I’m wondering if a discussion about avatar textures could be more profitably held in something like Zoho Notesbook, I think it is called – it lets you put pictures in, and post notes about the pictures, along with other things like bookmarks and videos and such. Gliffy is another such place to share things graphical.

    This silly free wordpress.com site won’t even let us put images in the comments!

  3. Annyka Says:

    I could definitely show you what I mean with pictures.

    Ive been painting my own skin for the last couple months, so I’ve got the avatar mesh burned into my brain. I could definitely show you what I mean if I could post pictures. But for example, on SL’s upper body template, on the UV layer, you can see how the lines curve with the figure and wrap around the ribcage and breasts. On Hipihi’s, the lines cut straight across the body like a grid and the ploygons are arranged relatively evenly.

    Now, I’m not saying SL’s avatar is better. The polygons are a sloppy jumble, which is probably why the avatars deform so badly in certain poses, and why a perfectly straight shirt bottom will look like a zigzag when you turn a little. Hipihi’s looks like it would be much smoother and distort less, and the screenshots seem to confirm that. It looks like they placed a much higher emphasis on a clean mesh than on replicating surface detail.

    Now, as to Hipihi being taken to task for doing things similar to SL, well, you have to realize, these templates arent so similar to SL by coincidence. A UV layout is just the map of how the texture goes on the mesh, and its layout is completely arbitrary and is totally up to the original artist. Usually, they will be arranged to minimize seams and hide them in out of the way places. SL’s UV layouts are really pretty inefficient, but I imagine that they designed them that way to resemble clothing patterns. Now, Hipihi’s mesh is actually quite different, but the UV layouts are almost identical.

    It doesn’t bother me that they’ve copied a lot of SL. As long as they are copying only the smart decisions of SL and improving on the flaws, I’m all for it.

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