OMG it’s a post at !!!

I started a forum to serve as a demonstration of the sort of forum that I think the United State’s official national Libertarian Party should have, a forum for its members to engage in discussion of meetings and plans but also to serve as a place to engage in discussion of libertarian theories and ideas such as the nature and origin or human rights, anarchism versus minarchism,  etc.   This forum has been there for months now, so long that I gave up hope of ever having anyone register and post something there.  It was just a test anyway, so no big deal to me, but it did seem to me that there should at least be some spam posted there.  If you can’t even attract spambots with a forum there must be something cursed about the thing.

Today I checked it just at random and lo and behold there was a post there.  So today I am announcing this bit of improbable and inconsequential news.  My “Libertarian Party” forum finally has  a post from someone other than me.   Will wonders never cease?

The url for my Libertarian Party forum is .

I guess I will add a virtual worlds subforum for it so it can tie my interests in virtual worlds together with my being a libertarian.


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