Hipihi Swicki – “community powered search engine”

I’ve created a  Hipihi Swicki site, at http://hipihi-swicki.eurekster.com .

A swicki is a search engine that can be customized by the owner and the users.

I am interested in online collaboration as well as virtual worlds, hence the Hipihi Zoho wiki, the Hipihi facebook group, the Hipihi Google group, the Hiphi myspace group, the Hipihi YouTube group, etc.


One Response to “Hipihi Swicki – “community powered search engine””

  1. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    So far this Swicki site seems to be quite useless – it returns results that have nothing to do with Hipihi at all. What good is that?

    I suspect I will delete this Swicki fairly shortly. Not all these Web 2.0 things work out too well.

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