novoKing facebook group

I’ve made a facebook group for the novoKing virtual-world-in-development.

The facebook group is at .

“Michael Zhang” has joined the group, identifying himself as COO of novoKing.

I’m not sure just how to verify his identity, but I suppose an email from a address with a beta invitation would do pretty well.

I’m also not sure of just what capitalization and spacing to use for novoKing, I’ve seen
several versions.  I’m not much of a fan of abnormal capitalization.


Project Darkstar mmog server software opensourced as GPLv2

I received the following announcement:

The Project Darkstar team at Sun Microsystems Laboratories is pleased to announce that Project Darkstar has now been released, as open source software, under GPLv2!

The code is available from the ‘Downloads’ section at .

Project Darkstar is the video game industry’s first enterprise grade, high performance, fault tolerant and highly scalable server technology for online, multiplayer games. Project Darkstar has been designed from the ground up to handle almost any kind of online game imaginable.

Project Darkstar is used  along with Project Wonderland in Sun’s MPK20 virtual workplace world.

Kaneva – kicked from mall for mentioning Second Life

This seems like a childish and hateful response to me.

Perhaps this attitude helps to explain the low number of users present in Kaneva after so many years spent developing it.  Not allowing virtual world enthusiasts and early adopters to discuss the matters that interest them – namely, among other things, the merits and demerits of different virtual worlds, not allowing the people I posed the question to to provide a response to me,  demonstrating the employee’s inability to provide an answer to the question I posed – how do they expect to garner support by this grouchy repressive behavior?

The question I posed, why would someone prefer to spend their time in
the Kaneva beta, which is extremely limited in the range of actions
available to it’s users,  compared to Second Life, which has many thousands of times
of virtual space as Kaneva, a developed economy, a scripting language, etc?

In my case, I drop in to Kaneva and other virtual worlds because I like virtual worlds.
I visit Papermint and IMVU and fire up Active Worlds at times.  I’m trying a game
called Taikodom  to see what a space game is like.  Taikodom, by the way, looks beautiful,
and while the game is Portuguese interfaced at present, with the game chat being in Portuguese, I was greeted by helpful responses in clear English, and the interface was simple and intuitive enough that despite my never haver used such a game before, I was able to get out of the dock and see the beautiful space scenery without getting frustrated and quitting.  The Taikodom site is  atágina_principal.

There’s another virtual world in development on it’s way into beta testing, Novoking,
website at  I’ll be looking forward to that.

Commentators on the web  express or report concern about government censorship in virtual worlds.
Who needs government censorship when you have “baby needs a nap”
behavior like that display by the operator of the Corelli avatar?

New virtual world Novoking said to go beta in September.

There’s a new virtual world called Novoking said to be going beta in September.

is the site, which is in Chinese.

It’s too late to look at it tonight.

Hipihi 5th Resident Convention

Hipihi just held it’s 5th resident convention.  I was unfortunately unable to be there in virtual person though I was their in actual spirit – i.e., I wasn’t able to attend because the meeting time was while I was at work.

Above is a shot of the meeting.  I recognize a number of the names
floating over the assembled avatars.   I believe that is the most people
I’ve seen in one place at one time in Hiphi to date.

I have posted an essentially unedited Google Language Tools translation of the transcript provided in Chinese in the Hipihi forums at the IdeaShape forums, in the Residents sub-forum.  IdeaShape is at .

Facebook Mobile Confirmation Failure User Support Group

The Facebook Mobile Confirmation Failure User Support Group is a group for people that can’t get their mobile confirmation to work properly, or that did have trouble with facebook mobile confirmation and got the problem solved.

Please join this facebook group.

Damnit facebook, we’re people, not mobile confirmation codes!

Possible help running Hipihi on non-Chinese XP

IdeaShape forum user “crazysnake” suggests using the Microsoft “Applocal”
application to deal with language requirements instead of the
“install Asian language pack and change this and that” approach described
elsewhere (such as in this blog).

The  Applocal utility can be downloaded from