Hipihi help and support info in English, plus a vote on key issues

Hipihi employee Zafka reported the availability of new English translations of Hipihi help and support information recently and that there is a voting system to allow folks to express some views on Hipihi development.

I’ve pasted the text from that file here, minus the table of contents. The copy and pasting may have lost a few words.

I posted the information below last night; this morning I got an email from Zafka with the following info:

hi, everyone,

the HiPiHi world’s help and support file download link is:


the link has been put on the official english page http://www.hipihi.com/index_english.html

also posted in the official forum:


thanks for your attention!


The version shown below has also been pasted into the IdeaShape Hipihi forums.


HiPiHi World’s Help and Support

1. What’s HiPiHi World?
HiPiHi World is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Please see http://www.hipihi.com/whatis.html for more informati
2. How many different phases dose HiPiHi World have during the limited Beta test?
Our”Genesis” duration includes “limited Beta test” and “public test” two sections. Further, the “Limited Beta test” is divided in to four phases with different aspects of HiPiHi world developed during those phases.
1) “Sundering the Heavens and Splitting the Earth” phase introduces tools for rendering terrain: hills, fields, terraces, water, flora
2) “Nu Wa creates Humankind” phase introduces tools for detailed avatar creation
3) “The Heavenly Duke Creates the Things” phase introduces object creation function
4) “Mirage” phase introduces the economic transaction system and social systems
After the “Mirage” age, when an elementary social system will have come into being, HiPiHi world will enter the open test section.
Now, HiPiHi World is at the “The Heavenly Duke Creates the Things” phase. We look forward that you will participate in our limited beta test, being an early resident of this brand-new world.
3. What’s the registration verification code?
The registration verification code is made up of 10 random characters, which is acquired through the following steps:
First, you should get a verification code through online application. Second, you can then use this code to register a HiPiHi World’s account, and become a new HiPiHi World resident.
4. How can I get a registration verification code?
There are three ways for you to get a verification code:
1) You may use the application link on our official website:
2) You may apply through the following HiPiHi resident sites. HiPiHi team will sometimes distribute several registration verification codes there on the basis of demand,:
� The HiPiHi Paradise: http://www.hipihi.org/
� Space leader: http://www.slbazar.com/
� Hipishi: http://www.hipishi.com/bbs/index.php
3) If you are a HiPiHi resident who registered before 12:00 June 1st, 2007, you can get five verification codes for you to invite your friends to join in HiPiHi World. To get those codes, you should go through the following step:
First, Log on the forum http://forums.hipihi.com/main.jhtml.Second, check out the “邀请朋友共同参加HiPiHi “创世纪”!” link on the left margin. And last, click on the link , input your friend’s Email address, and then press the button “邀请” .
5. How long can you get the verification code after you applied it?
Generally, we will send the verification code to your registered Email mailbox 2 or 3 days after the application. But you should note that because we failed many times sending codes to Gmail mailbox, you’d better avoid using it as your registered Email mailbox.
6. Why do I fail to get the verification code long after I applied for it?
If you do not get the verification code within three days after your application, there maybe three reasons:
1) Your individual information is incomplete, or written incorrectly;
2) The Email address is wrong;( please avoid using Gmail mailbox)
3) In the limited Beta test, the quota of resident accounts is limited. Therefore, sometimes we run out of accounts, and you can just wait for the next batch.
7. How many verification codes can I apply once?
You can apply our verification code through “individual apply” or “Group apply”. If you use the “individual apply”, every time you can get only one code. If you use the “Group apply”, the amount we will give out to you depends on the size of your group and your group’s plan.
8. How can a group apply for verification codes?
We also welcome the group users to join in our HiPiHi World. As a group application, the person who in charge of the group should fill in the form with valid information of the group at: http://www.hipihi.com/application/application_team_en.jsp. Once your application is proved, we will send you a bunch of verification codes. The number of codes is decided by the size of your group and the group’s p
Group users include:
1) Resident Sites: forums, blogs, or other sites which are set up and maintained by the HiPiHi World residents. Most content of those sites should be concerned about HiPiHi World.
2) QQ Groups: set up by the HiPiHi World residents or HiPiHi’s fans through QQ (IM software).
3) Registered Companies and Organizations: which would like to take advantage of the HiPiHi World platform to expand their business or other non-commercial activities.
4) Private / Interest Groups: which intend to organize various communities or become platform developers of HiPiHi World.
5) Others: Any other groups who desire to get involved into the HiPiHi World’s
forthcoming prosperity.
9. How can I register and download the client service after I get the verification code?
Just follow the instructions on the invitation letter. Or you may use the registration link and the client service download link ion the registration web.
10. An error message pops out during my registration, so I cannot complete the process. When I try again, there is another error message “this verification code is used”, what should I do then?
The reason of this kind of problem may be that your network is not stable. We recommend you to use IE6.0 instead. If you haven’t finished the registration process, you can try to use the old verification code to register again, ignoring this error message. On the other hand, the message” this verification code is used” might indicate that your registration information has been recorded in our database, and you can log on HiPiHi World using your registered information directly.
If you still can’t log on, please send your problem to our customer service mailbox: support@hipihi.com. It would be very helpful if your Email includes some screen snapshots abou
11. What would you do if my registered password is more than 10 characters?
HiPiHi registration system will take only the first 10 characters as your password. You can use your registered user name and the first 10 characters of your password to log in HiPiHi World.
12. My limited Beta test account is going to be cancelled when Hipihi come into the open test, isn’t it?
We do not promise to reserve your user name and password at the public test section, we will set up a new account management policy and system then, so you need to register a new account accord with the new standard. The good news is that if you are an early resident (registered in the test phase), you can have the priority to choose your new user name, (you may either keep your old user name or have a new one). Now, we are still discussing about the details of the new policy.
13. What’s the HiPiHi World’s System Requirements?
Currently, we do not have the MAC edition of HiPiHi World, and here are the PC minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 2000(SP4) / XP(SP2)
Internet Connection: DSL/CABLE/LAN
Network speed:50Kbps
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 6600/ATI Radeon 9600 64MB
Screen Resolution: 1024*768
CPU:Intel P4 2GHz/AMD Sempron 2500+
Computer Memory: 512MB
DX:DirectX 9.0c
PC System Recommendations:
Operating System:Windows 2000(SP4) / XP(SP2)
Internet Connection: DSL/CABLE/LAN
Network speed:150Kbps
Video Card:Nvidia Geforce 7600GS/ATI Radeon X1600 128MB
CPU:Intel P4 3GHz/AMD Athlon64 3200+
Screen Resolution: 1024*768
Computer Memory:1GB
DX:DirectX 9.0c
14. When I start the HiPiHi World, there is a message “Failed creating the direct 3D device”. What should I do?
First, please make sure that your PC meets our PC minimum System Requirements. If it meets the requirements but you still can’t start up the world, you can take these steps below:
1) Update your video card drive;
2) Change your screen color quality from 32 bit to 16.bit.
3) Change your PC screen resolution to 1024×768
If you have tried all these steps but still can’t start it up, you can send your problem to our customer services mailbox: support@hipihi.com, it is helpful if you send us some screen snapshots; otherwise, you can log on HiPiHi Forum http://forums.hipihi.com/main.jhtml, resort to the kind-hearted
residents and our customer service there. We will try to respond you as soon as possible.
15. I can’t log on the HiPiHi World normally, there is an error message” the server has no response”. What should I do?
Check out your network settings, several factors might contribute to this problem:
1) The network speed is too slow;
2) The internet connection is not stable;
3) There is something wrong with the fire wall or port setting.
16. When I try to log on Hipihi, I get the message “connecting……” for a long time but I still can’t get into the world, what’s wrong?
First, you should make sure that you have downloaded the newest edition of HiPiHi World. If not, please uninstall the old edition completely from your PC, and then download the newest edition.
17. I can’t input your password in the logging interface. What should I do?
You may need to turn off Advanced Text Services for the HiPiHi shortcut. Please click the right button of your mouse to initiate the Properties panel, choose the “compatibility” and you will found this. All these must be under XP system; VISTA is not compatible with HiPiHi World.
18. How can I change my password?
In the limited Beta test section, you cannot change your passwords. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
19. After I logged on the HiPiHi World, I get only a black screen. What is wrong?
Maybe the reason is that you are using the VISTA system, which now is not compatible with HiPiHi World. However, you have the chance to solve this problem simply by changing your video card drive.
20. After I log on the HiPiHi World, I get only a colorize screen. What should I do?
1) Install DirectX 9.0c again;
2) Your video card drive may be incompatible with Hipihi, try to change it;
3) Upgrade your video card.
21. Why is there something wrong about VC++ when you switch the windows or change the resolution?
It has something to do with your Windows XP’s subject. Please use the Windows XP’s default subject.
22. I cannot see my avatar after I log on. There is only my user name moving around. What is wrong?
You can try these methods below to solve it:
1) Use the keys “W”,”S” to move your avatar;
2) Click the right mouse and choose “teleport” function;
3) If you are using an Integrated Graphics Card, maybe you need to change the card.
23. How could I do to move my avatar in HiPiHi World?
There are a lot of methods you can use to move your avatar; you may choose one according to your demand:
1) Walk: use the shortcut keys: “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” to make your avatar walk;
2) Run: first press the key “T”, second use the keys: “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” to control your avatar’s direction; Or you can click off the right mouse, choose” run here”;
3) Fly: press the key “F” to make your avatar ready to fly, then use “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” and your mouse to control your avatar;
4) Jump: use the shortcut key ”space”;
5) Sit down: use the shortcut key ”X”;
6) Sit on the ground: use the shortcut key ”N”;
7) Lay down: use the shortcut key ”L”;
8) Always run: use the shortcut key ”Num Lock”;
9) Teleport: choose your destination, then do right mouse clicking on the land, choose “teleport here”;
10) Transmit: you can use this function in the map and mini-map. When you use the mini-map, you just need to click on it to indicate the place you want to go; When you use the map, first you should click the place you want to go on the ma then press the button ”teleport” on the right side of the map;
11) How to change your angle of view: you can use the roll of the mouse to zoom out
and in. To change views, you should drag your mouse while push against the right button
24. How can I get a helicopter and how to drive it?
1) You can right click off any piece of land, and then choose “my helicopter” and your helicopter will come out;
2) Right click off the helicopter, then choose “drive the helicopter”;
3) Accelerate the helicopter by drag the accelerograph, and then press the button” Take off”.
25. How to control your helicopter?
There is a cross and a green point on the helicopter control panel, you can use your mouse to control the green point, and your helicopter will fly according to the green point, and also you can drag forward and backward your mouse to make your helicopter up and down.
26. How to own a piece of land?
During the test phase, every resident can own a piece of land free, the area of every piece of land is 10000m2. When HiPiHi Team release the official edition, all land in HiPiHi World will be taken back. At that time, residents may buy; rent a land from HiPiHi or other residents. If you are an early resident who join in the HiPiHi’s “Genesis”(including the limited Beta test and the public test), you will have the priority to buy HiPiHi World’s land. The detailed price and related land policy will be released later.
During the test phase, if you want to own a piece of land, you can do like these:
1) Right click on any piece of land, then choose “land information”, to check out its holder information, it can be either other resident, HiPiHi (called HiPiHi’s public land), or nobody. You need to find a piece of land which does not belong to anyone.
2) Right on this land that you want to own, then choose “own this land”.
Please notice that: In the test phase every resident can only own one piece of land. Once you have one, you can’t give up or change for another one. Therefore, please choose your land carefully.
27. Does anyone can own more than one piece of land?
During the limited test phase, every account can own only one piece of land.
28. Can the land be split?
No, it can’t be split now.
29. What is the link point?
The link point is a locating tool in HiPiHi World. Indicating the location you may link two things together. It is a green arrowhead, with whose orientation is your avatar’s front. For example, if you create a chair, and you want it can be sit, the link point can help you. What you have to do is to put a link point on that chair, if there is anybody who wants to sit down on it, he can check out the chair’s information about sitting by click off this chair.
30. How to delete a blaze?
Press the button of “Build” first and then the button “Make Effect”, you will see a little green dot under the blaze. Click on the little green dot to delete the blaze.
31. How can I get more support?
1) Read the HiPiHi World Interface English Translation, here is the download link:
2) Click on the floating crystals in the new residents’ born place to learn basic operations of HiPiHi World.
3) Press the F1 key for help information in anyplace of the HiPiHi World.
4) Consult our online HiPiHi team member or other resident for help.
5) Log onto the HiPiHi official Residents forum (http://forums.hipihi.com) and refer to the HiPiHi Knowledge Base and the online help manual.
6) Email your questions to our customer services at: support@hipihi.com.
32. Can I transfer my virtual property to real world currency? What’s the rate of exchange between the real currency and the virtual currency?
We are now still constituting our monetary and economic policy in HiPiHi World. What’s clear is that HiPiHi World will constitute a series of regular system, which will make the residents achieve real world economic value through their creation.



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