Hipihi should open source it’s viewer code, now.

Linden Lab’s been successful with it’s open sourcing of the code for the Second Life viewer, according to the latest entry in the Linden Lab blog:

Linden Lab to recognize Open Source Contributors
Tuesday, July 17th, 2007 at 3:24 PM PDT by: Liana Linden

Did you know that 36 community programmers have contributed 98 patches that have been included in the Second Life Viewer code so far this year?

LL is pleased enough with the results of open sourcing the viewer code to offer some awards for contributors.

Hipihi should open source it’s viewer code, now, and not spend years doing all it’s own debugging and new feature introductions when there are people around the world that would contribute to it’s progress.

In addition to the rapid bug fixing and agile viewer feature development that open sourcing can provide, open sourcing helps to create a valuable social asset, a group of skilled programmers with a strong interest in seeing the object of their labor thrive and grow.

Some of these open source developers will be folks that want to develop not just separate virtual worlds but interconnectable virtual worlds, that will have in their minds solving problems such as avatar identities that are portable and sharable between virtual worlds, portable objects and designs, and portable currency.

Come on, Hipihi, speed up your development and the development of the metaverse, the 3D internet, by asking for and accepting help from open source developers around the world.



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