Cindy Jiang – Vista compatability date?

An interview at dated June 28th reports that you were asked: “Will HiPiHi support Windows Vista?” and you responded as follows: ”
Yes. It will support Windows Vista. Right now there are little problems with the compatibility between the HiPiHi world and Vista. Fortunately, the solution is on the agenda.”

Can you give a more specific idea as to when Vista compatability will arrive?

I’ve seen three reports today since coming home from work from people unsuccessfully trying to get Hipihi to run, all trying to get it to run on Vista.

A public comment on this topic – or detailed instructions on what to do to get it to work now – would be real nice.


9 Responses to “Cindy Jiang – Vista compatability date?”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Hi, please login:
    Find the button” HiPiHi world Interface English Translation”.
    Hope it will be very helpful 🙂

  2. Cindy Says:

    the lowest standare of the system of ur PC at this time:
    operating system:Windows 2000(SP4) / XP(SP2)
    Internet speed:50Kbps
    Graphic card:Nvidia Geforce 6600/ATI Radeon 9600 64
    CPU:Intel P4 2GHz/AMD Sempron 2500+
    EMS Memory:512MB
    DX:DirectX 9.0c

  3. csven Says:

    Interesting specs.

  4. SuezanneC Baskerville Says:

    Hi Cindy, thanks for the answer.

    I’m afraid that the Interface Guide isn’t going to useful, though.
    People that can’t run Hipihi don’t need the Interface Guide.

    The interface guide is only useful to people that can run Hipihi.

    I think the question about how to get Hipihi as it is now running on Vista probably needs to be directed to someone in the technical department of customer service.

    People that can’t run Hipihi don’t need the Interface Guide. The interface guide is only useful to people that can run Hipihi.

    Second Life users Corey Edo and Cristiano Midnight have reported problems getting Hiphi to run on Vista. They are both computer skilled people who should be able to get Hipihi to work if anyone can.

    I personally don’t have Vista, fortunately, I have nice stable Windows XP. My XP system doesn’t seem to be having any problems with running Hipihi.

    I contacted Andy Zhiang requesting that she attempt to help CoryEdo out, , and Andy reports having emailed CoryEdo but I have not heard that Cory got the email or that Cory responded.

    I’m just trying to help some Second Lifers get their Hipihi running, and I’d like the method made public for others to find and and so that I can help people out when they have problems.

  5. Cindy Says:

    HI, Sue, we have sent a email to Cory to handle the issue. Wish it will be effective.
    We are taking measures to solve the problem. the most important things we need is the time and the understanding of our residents.

  6. Greg Says:

    Hello Suezanne and thanks for your hipihi efforts.

    I also want to explore hipihi and have the verification codes and the english pdf but still can’t get through the registration. Could you offer any advice or refer me to a document with an English translation so that I can enter the right information in the fields and not error out before I get through the registration.

    Thanks in advance.


  7. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    The English language registration page is at .

    I used that page to register and had no trouble.

    Hipihi advises against using Gmail or Hotmail addresses due to some sort of problem with mail delivery. So, if you want to get email from them, don’t register with a Gmail or Hotmail address. Also, don’t use one of the temporary email addresses designed to prevent spam. Use an email address that will be around for future use if you want to contact support@hipihi or info@hipihi.

  8. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    With regard to me trying to help people with Vista run Hipihi, I think I’ve done all that I can do at this time. Hipihi isn’t claimed to work on Vista; the system requirements clearly specify Windows XP. I don’t own Vista and thus can’t do any experimenting on my own. Although I did have the impression that somebody or bodies had managed to get Hipihi to work on Vista, I am not able to find any such statements on the internet or in my browser history based on Google Desktop search. I may have imagined this or misinterpreted some statement posted somewhere.

    So, the first step to trying the Hipihi beta at present, 6-12-07, is to make sure your computer is running Windows XP, not Vista, and that it meets the other system requirements.

    Then if you don’t read Chinese, go to the English registration page at . Make sure to use a valid, long-term email address that’s not a gmail or hotmail address.

  9. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    Greg, to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember the exact sequence of events that occurs in the Hipihi application, download, getting the check code, etc. process. I can’t go throught the exact process again to find it out without actually creating another Hipihi account.

    Would you, or anyone else that has done it and can still remember it. please describe it here?

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