Hipihi forum for non-Chinese speaking users

IdeaShape Studios has created a forum for virtual world users focused on Hipihi users that don’t speak Chinese.

Every one that can’t use the Hipihi company’s Chinese language forum that has joined Hipihi is invited to join this forum and post their questions, ideas, pictures, etc.

Everyone that can’t use the Hipihi company’s Chinese language forum that wants to join Hipihi but is having trouble with registering, download, installing and successfully running the software is invited to join this forum.

The url for this new Hipihi forum is http://www.ideashape.cn /

Here’s the IdeaShape Studios logo:

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5 Responses to “Hipihi forum for non-Chinese speaking users”

  1. Cindy Says:

    It’s really a great idea!~

  2. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    I don’t like the sound of “forum for non-Chinese speakers” or “forum for English speakers”, to me these phrases sound like they mean that people that speak Chinese shouldn’t apply, or that only people that speak English should join. I can’t think of a short way to express what needs to be said, short enough to fit in a title.

    Chinese speakers are welcome! Folks that speak German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. are welcome!

    Not only are Chinese speaking bilingual folks welcome, they are absolutely essential. Chinese speakers are the one’s that can read the documentation to help those that can’t read Chinese.

    Extreme fluency in the non-Chinese language is not required, this is not a test, you will not be graded.

    All Hipihi company employees are welcome to join. Please!

  3. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    By the way, there is also an MSN group, hipihi@msn.com, serving somewhat the same purpose.

    And also by the way, there is a Hipihi employee monitoring the bug report forum at http://www.ideashape.cn . So if you can’t get Hipihi to run, post your problems there to make sure it both gets reviewed by a Hipihi staff member as well as other Hipihi residents.

  4. Plaitylirty Says:


    Today turn PC and look that my Qip client don’t have contact list, It is very bad. 😦
    When I connected always received message from contact ONE with Info
    * * * * * * ** * * * *
    System Message
    ICQ version 5.1 is no longer supported. Download a free authorized ICQ version from ICQ’s official website.

    You have this problem?

    Please inform I can’t send message to my Son 😦

  5. Openuksa Says:

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