Cory Edo – how’s your progress with Hipihi?

Hey Cory, you having any luck getting Hipihi to run?


7 Responses to “Cory Edo – how’s your progress with Hipihi?”

  1. Zafka Says:

    hi, Sue, i have emailed Cory. Now is waiting for her reply. ^_^

  2. Cory Edo Says:

    Hi guys, sorry I haven’t had a chance to get back to the troubleshooting until today. Still no joy – I’ve installed the Chinese language pack that was specified, followed Sue’s instructions on setting the language/keyboard settings, and turned off Advanced Text Services. Am I doomed to wait for the international version? I’ll check out the english users forum to see if I can find more tips. thanks for the help, its much appreciated – I’ll get into HiPiHi someday!

  3. Cory Edo Says:

    I spoke too soon – the key was the post in the forums about setting the Unicode default. I have a login screen! Now I just have to read through the translation document to figure out which button is the login….thanks for all your help!

  4. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Excellent Cory, glad I could help.

    The post with the Unicode default suggestion was from Rene. I’m not feeling well this weekend but I am hoping to get all of the steps required to install Hipihi, with instructions

    Two Hipihi employees reported, in the past tense, of having emailed you at the address you provided in the application process, at a result of my prodding. If you didn’t get their emails, that might be another problem to investigate, starting, I suppose, with the spam folder.

    To do a bit of expectation management, don’t expect a finished product. It’s got rough edges. It’s a beta. For me the most annoying bug is that the new-style prims flicker. The clipping algorithm is defective. I hope they have that bug on the very top of the fix list, followed by fixing the colors of the new-style prims at night. At night, the new-style prims, by which I mean the SL-style prims, are colors that might have been selected by Torley, i.e. bright, garish, totally unrealistic and qenerally annoying to look at most of the time to many folks.

    Today though, my prim building and other scattered prims were all blue in the Hipihi night, and I think I like the unified color scheme. Different shades of blue, with lines and pattern in a darker color, would be a lot less chaotic than what I generally tend to produce.

    Well, I’m straying from the theme of this post, so I’ll stop.

    By the way, what operating system are you using? XP or Vista?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Cory Edo, did you get your password yet?

  6. OddesE Oh Says:

    I think I know what Anon means. Following all your instructions i can get to the login screen too now.. but not actually into the world.

    I notice a small difference between entering a wrong password and the right one.. so I guess it’s something else.. I’m getting some dialog but i don’t know what it says… If only I could read chinese.

  7. OddesE Oh Says:

    Does anyone know what this dialog says? I want my third life 🙂

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