Portable Prim Format – the need for ppf files

The Hipihi prim system is very much like the Linden Lab system. So much alike that it makes one realise that there is much to be gained by creating a common standard for prims, a common, public definition that would enable prim based object designs created in one virtual world to be used in any other virtual world that uses the portable prim format.

Hipihi and Linden Lab both say they want to see a 3D internet. The internet and www are possible because of common standards that allow data to shared and used efficiently. Both companies should demonstrate their commitment to their stated ideals by working to create a common prim definition that would allow prim designs created in one world to be used in the other, and make this portable prim format public, for use by other virtual worlds in the making.


4 Responses to “Portable Prim Format – the need for ppf files”

  1. csven Says:

    Not just prims, but a truly standard 3D format that isn’t just for virtual worlds but which can be used for manufacturing.

    I suspect SubD’s may emerge as the standard.

    A couple of years ago I spoke with a former lead developer for PTC who called me regarding his interest in developing an offline application for virtual world modeling. During the conversation I explained the need for a truly universal format, to which he explained that SubD’s were an attractive option.

    Fast-forward to about two weeks ago: Dassault (the same company now claiming to want to provide a “3D Flickr”) announces a major upgrade to CATIA, the CAD application used mostly by the transportation industry. Included in the changes: incorporation of SubD.

  2. Sue Baskerville Says:

    I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to see a universal virtual world protocol established and in use.

    The needs of real-time, interactive virtual worlds with avatars don’t neccessarily mesh too well with the data structures needed for collaborative CADCAM editing.

    I’d like to see Linden Lab and Hipihi work on the much narrower goal of making it possible to exchange prims between their worlds, a goal that could be accomplished in much less time and with more chance of success than schemes with a broader reach and vision.

    It’s early in the morning, I don’t feel like I’m expressing myself very well, but I wanted to respond before I forget to.

  3. csven Says:

    Sadly, I tend to agree that I also might not be around to see this happen.

  4. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Csven, I do want to see a multi-user 3D space that starts from the CADCAM end of things.

    There is one that is vaguely in that vein. Let’s see if I can find it…

    Caligari’s TrueSpace is a more conventional 3D modelling system onto which mutliuser capability with avatars has been added. The avatars are the pits, but … you can make complex, detailed models and be in a shared space with others with avatars.

    I’d like to see an avatar based multi-user online shared world added onto Autocad or something like that.

    It would be pretty neat to be in a space where if you saw a machine you liked, you could give the salesman some payment info and they’d fire up the milling machines and lathes and make one from the exact same data you were looking at in 3D form when you picked it.

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