Hipihi version 30012?

I was unable to connect to Hipihi today so I tried a little trick, I got the url for my most recent download of Hipihi, http://www.hipihi.com/download/HiPiHi_world_30011.exe , and changed the last digit of the filename from a one to a 2, assuming there might be a mandatory upgrade and that the version number might be just one character different from the previous one.

The seeemingly current URL is http://www.hipihi.com/download/HiPiHi_world_30012.exe

Lo and behold, it’s downloading, at a whopping 4.3 KB/s.

I think maybe the Hipihi folks should seed a torrent.

As to whether the file I’m downloading actually is a new improved version, or something else, I’ll have to wait to find out, because the 43.9 million byte file at the now reduced 3.5 KB/s rate will take three and a half hours.

…. time passes ….

I see now that there is an announcement forum in the Hipihi company’s forums at http://forums.hipihi.com/forum-index-18.html that appears to have current info on new versions.


2 Responses to “Hipihi version 30012?”

  1. Timbo Urbanowicz Says:

    Downloaded the new version (in about 3 hours :)), but still not wokring here. The HiPiHi support suggested to wait till a new version, 30012 seems to be a new version, but no good luck..

    It’s a bit frustating.. 😦

  2. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Do you have Chinese PRC enabled in your Regional and Language settings?

    Control Panel, Regional and Language Settings, Languages tab, Detail button

    I have Default Input Language set to English United States Chinese Simplified US Keyboard.

    In installed services, I show , in the EN English United States , a subitem for Keyboard, which has Chinese Simplified – US Keyboard, and just plain US .

    Do you get the login page and can enter your name but not your password?

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