How do you delete a fire in Hipihi?

I have some fires in bad places in Hipihi, but I can’t get them to delete.

I can make more of them without any problems.

I think some electric lights would be nice.

Having the light and dark match the sun’s position at one spot on earth means that people in different times zones may have to spend all their time in Hipihi in the dark. I think this fixed sunlight cycle needs to be rethought.

If the fixed sunlight cycle is carved in stone, then non-flickering “electric” style lights need to be available, lights that don’t produce distorted colors in the objects they light up like the fires do.

Think of those who want to use Hipihi to create machinima. They can’t record daylight scenes exept when it is daylight in Hipihi time. That is a major impediment to using Hipihi for machinima compared to other platforms.

But back to the point of this post, how do you delete a fire? I don’t seem to be able to select one that’s sticking up in a bad place.

4 Responses to “How do you delete a fire in Hipihi?”

  1. SuezanneC Baskerville Says:

    Off topic of fires, are there any plans for Hipihi to have a scripting language?

    Objects in the real world exhibit behaviours. They do stuff. Make the place more interesting. Virtual world objects need to do stuff too. Stuff determined by scripts.

    But again, how do you delete a fire?

  2. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Sigh, you know your web sites aren’t working out when you have to answer your own posts repeatedly.

    Well, I figured out how to delete fires yesterday.

    Once you bring up what I’ve been calling the fire editor, which is really more the “effects” editor, you press the right mouse button to enter the edit mode. This should make green boxes appear where the fires are, that you can click on and then either edit the fire’s properties or click the delete key in order to delete the fire.

    Making lots of fires insn’t going to solve the problem of having a fixed daylight cycle. The Hipihi company should change their mind about the fixed daylight cycle.

    Fixed daylight cycle reduces the value of the program to users in distant time zone, who won’t be able to see Hipihi in proper daylight hours, and for that matter reduces the program’s value to those that work swing shifts and graveyard shifts and such.

    The darkness that lasts 12 hours produces extremely distorted colors, it’s not realistic and it’s not pretty . Hence my attempt to combat the darkness with a lot of fires, and the ensuing need to be able to delete fires.

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    […] And of course, some experiential posts such as, “How do you delete a fire in HipHi?” […]

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