How do you edit land in Hipihi?

I can get the land editor to appear, it’s the 4th toolbar on the left, counting the grayed out one on the far left, and then the second option down on the creation popup menu.
That produces the following:
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From that point on I’m pretty lost. I can get triangles in the ground to appear, and what must be normal lines or elevation controls to appear, but I can’t figure out what to do next to make the land change.

I did manage to make some water appear once, but I can’t duplicate it.


4 Responses to “How do you edit land in Hipihi?”

  1. Timbo Urbanowicz Says:

    I`m so jealous! I want to play HiPiHi also, but i`m still stuck @ installing it.. Damnit!

    Nice you share so much info with us! Good to see..

  2. Zafka Says:

    Please wait for several days. One of my friends now is translating basic menus of HiPiHi in to English with pics.


  3. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Excellent news.

    I hope that when you said “menus” you mean dialog boxes as well.

  4. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Progress in land editing: I figured out how to raise and lower the land.

    Once you get the land editor showing, you can click on various buttons, some of which produce circles on the ground showing the extent of the effect you are trying to produce. There are different colored circles for different effects. There will also be a “word balloon” like object, dark background with light colored text. PRESSING NUMBER KEYS is the trick at that point to make the land go up and down. “1” makes the land go up, and “2” makes the land go down. I don’t have the details all figured out. but I now don’t have just flat land, I have hills. Hooray!

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