Buying land and building in Hipihi

I lucked out on my lunch break today and managed to find the menu options for buying a parcel of land and for building.

This is the option for building:
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The option for buying land I think is “Right Click the land and click the fourth option down”.

While writing this post I just discovered how to create prims, how to move, rotate, copy, and delete them.

It looks much like the Second Life building in it’s nature and function, though the dialog boxes are laid out differently and of course in Chinese.

The icons for selecting what prim to create appear to be exactly identical to the icons in Second Life – in other words, if those icons are the intellectual property of Linden Lab, then it looks like Hipihi has either licensed the right to them from Linden Lab or it has ripped them off. They might, of course, be extremely similar but not identical, and they are just pictures of basic geometric forms, and might not be copyrightable or trademarkable, but still, I think that making them look to the eye to be exactly the same as the familar box, cylinder, prism, etc. from SL was pretty bad form on Hipihi’s fault. How hard could it be to make your own icons?

Here’s the prim selection icons:
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There’s some prims intersecting my helicopter.

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I think I’ll post this before something goes wrong. If anyone knows anyone that is willing to translate the Hipihi interface from Chinese to English please let me know.


11 Responses to “Buying land and building in Hipihi”

  1. Timbo Urbanowicz Says:

    Good to see you’re checking HiPiHi very closely. I want that to but mine installition crashes all the time at 20 %. Can you help me with that?


  2. Sue Baskerville Says:

    You have to have the Chinese langjuage installed as part of the Windows XP East Asian language pack.

    In additioin to installing the East Asian language pack, right click the Hipihi shortcut and do Properties, then Compatibility tab, then near the bottom, check the “Turn off advanced text services for this program”. It might seem backwards, but you want to turn OFF advanced text features.

    Also be advised there was a new version just released, so you might want to go to the download site and get the latest version.

    The download url is .

    For anyone interested in Hipihi the

    main site: (in Chinese)
    English site:
    English registration:
    download url:

    hipihip wiki:

  3. csven Says:

    I can’t recall if I tried to enter the beta or not, but happy to follow along with your progress. Thanks for posting about it.

  4. Timbo Urbanowicz Says:

    Thanks for your explanation Sue! I will try this asap.

  5. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Timbo, did you get Hipihi to work yet?

  6. Timbo Urbanowicz Says:

    Hi Sue! No not yet… I think i installed the Chinese language package and I did check the “Turn off advanced…” thing. But still crashing at 20 %.

    Maybe you can help me check if I installed the Chinese language correct? Or do you have other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Sue Baskerville Says:

    HI, Hipihi is crashing a fair amount for me at startup and and other times.

    What are your computer and video specs?

    Have you, in addition to installing the Asian language pack, enabled Chinese PRC?

    Do you have the language bar displayed in the taskbar area?

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  9. rebelliann610 Says:

    Hi, I’m interested in trying Hipihi. Does it crash a lot? So you have to install chinese so it doesn’t crash?
    Or is Second Life better?
    Mainly, I want to be able to customize my avatar and design buildings etc 🙂 Thanks!

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  11. Says:

    “Buying land and building in Hipihi Unable To Connect –
    SuezanneC Baskerville” in reality got me personally simply addicted with ur
    web page! I reallydefinitely will wind up being back a lot more often.
    With thanks -Alfie

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