Transcript of video about Hipihi on YouTube

There’s a video on YouTube with English captions. Here’s my transcript of the captions:

[b]Bold Title Text:
[i]Enter into Hipihi World.
You will have a more wonderful life![/i][/b]
A young lady starts speaking:
Hipihi World is a completely user created and owned real time 3D virtual world. The world enriches and develops itself along with the imagination of its residents. Enter into Hipihi World, you will have a more wonderful life!

I am Christina. I entered into the Hipihi World by chance and I was deeply attracted by this very innovative product. Now let me take you to explore this brilliant world!

Every new resident will be born right here in Hipihi.

Wanna change your personal image? Certainly you can. Here we have a complete customized avatar system.

I can select my favorite avatar. Then I can change its hairstyle, face, clothes, height, weight, and skin color.

Along the road, many wooden signs indicate me on all sorts of operations. Very soon, I almost become a professional.

Pass the Hipihi Gate and come into the central square where there are bars, architectures, sculptures, chairs, flowers beds, TV screens … It is quite hot when many people gather here!
They can hold concerts, watch movies, drink and make friends here.

Want to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire Hipihi World? Follow me!

We can try the public transportations. Look! I am now sitting in a hot air balloon on the way to the destination.

Or you can take a flight [in a helicopter] Even more, we can pilot a plane by ourselves to start your own journey of adventure. Flight to the upper air, bail out. It is breathtaking and thrilling.

The core value of the Hipihi World is that the Resident is the Creator of this world. We all realize our value right here!

I tried to buy a small piece of and begin my journey of Creation. This is the land I bought. I can build up hills and lakes on it. Build a house of your own!

The Hipihi World provides a library with lots of materials for scene creation. [untranslated details] Let me show it. You can edit the model on three dimensions. Change its location, angle and direction, size and color, whatever you like.

Come and decorate the outdoor surrounding. Plant some trees, build a row of fence! How about that? Nice living environment.

Well, let us walk into it and have a look. The house is empty now How about some furniture? Put a bed on first where I can have a rest. Gradually my home is getting luxuriant in my hand. Now I need a new style curtain.

I am now designing couples of beautiful sofa, and hope that they would sell good price!

Every resident of the Hipihi World has the whole property rights for his digital creatures. These creatures can be character images, costumes, buildings, games, and all the digital modes that people can imagine. Moreover, the users can trade between each other and get the profit. The is exactly the source of the glamour that appeals me most.

The Hipihi World is exactly like the real world where there is time, the weather changes, the sun set and sun rise. I love the bonfire party at night. I enjoy much chatting and making friends with people in the 3D environment. I add the interesting people onto my friend list and invite them to see a sunrise or a night view!

When more and more users come in the world becomes even more diversified and abundant! I have seen that in the near future there will be users run bars, coffee shops and sunny beaches. Residents with different colors and of different races from different parts of the world come here to communicate with each other and to have fun.

There’ll be various events such as the bonfire celebrations, birthday parties, press conferences, etc., even a business model which can not be achieved in the real world will be born right here! When the large screen broadcasts daily video news, films, TV series, advertisings, when Coca-Cola is placed in the hands of each resident, when the Hipihi World is selling real brands of dresses and automobiles, when the real estate agents are promoting and selling their buildings here, when schools are handling all kinds of procedures and giving lectures on the scene… how can we distinguish between what is real and what is virtual?


The video is at:


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