Success regarding Hipihi – Hipihi is neat.

My earlier trouble entering the Hipihi world despite having adequate hardware and having the Proper Chinese language functions installed turned out to be the need to set the Hipihi shortcut’s properties to turn off advanced text features for Hipihi. I don’t know why that worked but it did. That idea was given to me by a member of a Hipihi group in Second Life.

With that taken care of, I entered Hipihi. I liked what I could see of it, but it was pretty hard trying to use the program with the entire interface being in a language I have absolutely no knowledge of.

Despite my language limitation, Hipihi was pleasant enough to look at and play with.

The F key toggles flying and not-flying. The WASD keys are forward, left,back and right. Clicking and holding both mouse keys lets you go forward and steer with the mouse. Click both mouse keys, and you can turn with the W and D keys. It may be possible to change the key assignment, but I can’t tell because I can’t read the manual.

There’s a lot of fires coming up from the ground in Hipihi. I don’t really know why. I think that, in general, if I were trying to select a place to live or found a colony, I would generally try to pick the places that don’t have big gouts of flame shooting up from the ground, especially if particular spots – such as the one I’m standing on – are prone to make a transition from the non-spouting-flame state to the are-spouting-flame state.

So I clicked on the toolbar at the bottom and produced some dialog boxes as a result, but I couldn’t really tell what to do with no English manual.

Yesterday I met a fellow in Hipihi with a name in Chinese that I don’t recall, who spoke a bit of English, enough to connect me someone fluent in English. That turned out to be Zafka, who has a blog at, which I’d seen some posts at. Zafka taught me some of the interface, like how to use the chat bar, which has a send button and a channel select button. I didn’t make it as far as figuring out how to change my appearance. I can get to the dialogs, but I’d rather wait till I get an English set of instructions before clicking too much on stuff I can’t make heads nor tails of.

Time to move on.

I strongly recommend anyone interested in virtual worlds give the Hipihi beta a try.

The Hipihi website is at

English page at .

Beta registration page in English at:

Chinese download page at:

In the anyone wants to help document the interface in English, feel free to do so at the Hipihi wiki at .


8 Responses to “Success regarding Hipihi – Hipihi is neat.”

  1. Zafka Says:

    hi, Suezanne, I read you post in HiPiHi Residents’ Forum. that’s super cool! When you are online, don’t hesitate to msg me. i’d like to help you to figure out the problems. BTW, i noticed that the HiPiHi team has put your blog and wiki on the residents’ blog list( in the right side of the webpage). The HiPiHi world now is improving everyday. Hope more and more overseas HiPiHi residents could learn a lot from your blog and wiki. Best!

  2. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback.

    A question: How do I message someone from the friends list in Hipihi? What else can you do with the friends list in Hipihi?

    Yesterday I found a nice build in Hipihi that is a miniature landscape with miniature buildings. I felt like Godzilla standing in it.

    This shot shows the scale of the build:

  3. Zafka Says:

    Hi. There are 3 buttons on the bottom of the friends list menu (from left to right are reload, delete, profile). Click on a name on the friends list and choose the profile button, there comes out a new menu dispalying the chosen friend’s profile. 5 buttons on the profile menu, from left to right are visit his/her homeland, offer a teleport, teleport to where he/she stays now, add friend, private msg. Have fun!

  4. Cory Edo Says:

    hey Suezanne, sorry to bug you for tech support but wondering if you had any idea on how to solve this: I installed the program and when I open it, the opening screen appears for about 5 seconds and then the program closes on its own. There is a progress bar that says 20%in the bottom login portion of the screen, but no un/pw/other fields or buttons. Do you know of any place I can try to get english troubleshooting help? thanks so much!

  5. Cory Edo Says:

    oh I suppose I should have mentioned I tried that disabling advanced text features tip you mentioned in this post (still same result). I have the chinese character set installed so viewing the text shouldn’t technically be a problem. I kind of wonder if the slow download rate I had grabbing the installer might have goofed it up somehow.

  6. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Hi, when you go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Languages tab, Details button, you should have the Default input language showing as English (United States) – Chinese (Simplified) – US Keyboard .

    In the installed services just below there you should click the Add button and enable Chinese (Simplified) – US Keyboard .

    Just to keep from wasting time, Hipihi is not running on Vista yet.

    Send an email to info@Hipihi asking for English language support, and also send an email to Cindy Xiang, at cindy.jiang . She’s in marketing , but she should be able to get you to the right place. She helped me.

    Also SL avatar Jolly Heron is in Hipihi, and has an MSN group for English speaking Hipihi users. She’s just about to start an English language forum focused on Hipihi.

    There’s also a phone number listed on the English page at the Hipihi site, (8610) 58731100-810 .

  7. Sue Baskerville Says:

    The Chinese support page for Hipihi is at

    I have placed a Google translation of the page in the Hipihi wiki at

    I invite all English speaking Hipihi users and Hipihi company employees to use the wiki to improve the quality of the translation.

  8. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Cory, you have been sent email from Hipihi employee Andy Zhiang at the email address you provided when you registered.

    Also, I believe the normal support email address for Hipihi is, predictably enough,

    I’d like to know if you got it to work and what the problem was, if you don’t mind.

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