Hipihi beta crashes, need English language support

This post is old now, for information on how to solve the problem described in the old post below, , see the Hipihi page of this blog at https://suezannecbaskerville.wordpress.com/hipihi/ and the IdeaShape Hipihi forum at http://www.indeashape.cn . 


I’ve installed the Hipihi beta, and upon displaying the initial loading screen, Hipihi promptly crashes.

The Hiphi forums appear to consist solely of Chinese posts, and I speak only English.

I think my system meets the system requirements.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That’s as far as I got.


For information on how to solve this problem , see the Hipihi page of this blog at https://suezannecbaskerville.wordpress.com/hipihi/ and the IdeaShape Hipihi forum at http://www.indeashape.cn .


5 Responses to “Hipihi beta crashes, need English language support”

  1. Roger Denwright Says:

    Same here. Has anyone succeeded in running the Hipihi beta using “normal” English language Windows XP?

    Do you have to switch to a Chinese input using the language bar or what?

    How do you English only people use the Hiphi site for support when the support pages are all in Chinese?

  2. Sue Baskerville Says:

    I’ve been told by Hipihi support that my hardware is adequate to run Hipihi.

    I was told to install the East Asian language pack, or other Chinese language pack, but the East Asian language pack is already installed.

    Is there any running English Windows XP that has succeeded in getting Hipihi to run?

    Anyone else that has failed?

  3. Timbo Urbanowicz Says:

    Same problem here! How did you fix it Sue?

  4. maji Says:

    i cant get in and i meet the requirements:(

  5. Sue Baskerville (SuezanneCB) Says:

    The requirements for setting up Windows XP to run Hipihi are in the Hipihi page of this blog and in the Hipihi forums at http://www.ideashape.cn .

    See if the info at https://suezannecbaskerville.wordpress.com/hipihi/ helps you out any.

    Note: Windows XP and Win2K only, it doesn’t work with Vista yet.

    The https://suezannecbaskerville.wordpress.com/hipihi/ page has screenshots of the settings that work for me, which I can’t put here in the comments.

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