SL Jira issue VWR-394: HTML floater for LSL dialogs

Argent Stonecutter proposes the following idea in the Second Life Jira system at

Second Life Viewer – VWR-394
LSL function to access the HTML floater for more capable dialogs.

There have been a number of sugestions for extending the dialogs in SL. Here’s a much easier way to get the same functonality, with minimum server-side changes required: An llHTMLWindow request that would, if you had PERMISSION_OPEN_WINDOW (which could be automatically granted to attachments) open a window displaying an HTML page assembled by the script. Almost everything required to implement it is in place:

The response would come back in chat as a URL-encoded string, similar to a CGI “GET” response: “name=value&name=value&…”. Parsing this in a listen event would be easy, given llUnescapeURL():

Sounds like a good idea to me. I voted for it. Perhaps you should too.


One Response to “SL Jira issue VWR-394: HTML floater for LSL dialogs”

  1. Sue Baskerville Says:

    Getting the code snippets Argent provided to display properly in this blog was more trouble than it .was worth, so I took them out.

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