Second Life Topsites: Where do I put the code?

SL Avatar Richard Palace sent me an inworld IM suggesting listing my blog in Second Life Topsites to increase traffic.

Having filled out the application form, I was presented with some html code to past into this site.

Where am I supossed to paste it?

Second Life Topsites Directory

3 Responses to “Second Life Topsites: Where do I put the code?”

  1. Frans Charming Says:

    Probably somewhere in your side bar or at the bottom of the page.

  2. Richard Palace Says:


    Thanks for adding your site at Second Life Topsites.

    Paste the code on your side bar where it is visible to your visitors.

  3. Sue Baskerville Says:

    The trick is to add a text widget in your sidebar, then you have a place to paste the code into.

    Thanks for the promotional opportunity. I’m not much of a blogger, but it would be fun to get a little traffic, a few comments, instead of the near total silence this blog has produced so far.

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