Second Life Feature Suggestion: Allow default view looking at front of avatar

Second Life Jira Issue MISC-35: Allow default view looking at front of avatar

Here’s the text of my new feature issue:

Allow us to select a default camera position and focus position that would let us see our avatars from in front instead of always defaulting to having the camera in back staring at our butts.

Torley Linden responded:

This can currently be done using a scripted FollowCam attachment.

I’m pretty sure Torley is wrong. I find no evidence that such a scripted device exists. My attempts to produce such a thing failed. I think the camera controls are designed to prevent one from being able to do this. Torley has not supplied any examples of scripted FollowCam attachments that behave in the manner Torley described.

Every single other 3D program with avatars and a virtual world that I’ve ever seen has some form of this ability.

If anyone can tell me where to find such a script please do so.

Please stop by the SL Jira site and vote for MISC-35 .


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