Second Life’s Sun is too big, and has lousy effects

The sun in the skies of the Second Life virtual world is too big, way way way too big.

It looks to me like someone made a decimal point error in the programming that creates the sun.

I think maybe some “atmospheric” or “haze” effect has been rendered too large and too opaque, to the extent that the haze completely or almost completely blocks out the view of the sun itself, producing the appearance of a sun that’s at least TWENTY-FIVE TOO BIG!!!!!

It looks utterly terrible and stupid to me, and totally ruins the attempt to create a simulation of an earth like 2.5 D flatland.

This sun casts a yellow pall over the entire sky, and I think it may be distorting the color of objects and terrain as well, although this may be a psychological effect caused by the annoyance of having a display that used to please me turned into something so garish and childishly coloring book like and grossly inaccurate and out of place with its surroundings that I am driven to repeatedly using the Force Sun To Noon command to put the sun overhead and out of view.

I used to use the Force Sun to rise command (which was actually force sunset, but sunset was followed immediately by sunrise, so folks thought of it as force sunrise) to fend off the Second Life night, which I didn’t and still don’t care for too much most of the time.

I use to enjoy seeing the Second Life sun rise and set. Now I hate both the sunrise and the sunset, and if I’m not in the mood for setting the sun to noon, with the harsh shadows that produces, I’ve even set the night sky as bright as possible and set the sun to midnight, putting me in the dark that I still don’t like but which at least doesn’t look defective and amateurish like the current Second Life sun does.


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