Zoho 3D?

Zoho, is a set of web based programs for multi-user collaboration.

It has:

Zoho Writer – Online word processor with collaboration features.

Zoho Projects – Project management software to create, manage & collaborate online.

Zoho Sheet – Online alternative to traditional spreadsheet applications with powerful features like charting, collaboration & more.

Zoho CRM – Elegant & Affordable On-Demand CRM Solution

Zoho Show – Online presentation tool to create, edit, publish, and show presentations.

Zoho Creator – Create Online Database Applications in minutes.

Zoho Wiki – Wiki that is as easy to use as a word processor
with group concept, versions, sub-pages and more …

Zoho Planner – Online organizer to maintain your todo’s, reminders, notes, attachments

Zoho Notebook (private beta) – Create, Aggregate and Collaborate on multiple types of content online.

Zoho Chat – Unique and intuitive way to make group decisions faster.

Zoho Meeting (private beta) Web Conferencing – Meet Online & Showcase your Product.

Zoho Mail (private beta) A web-based collaboration groupware that includes Email Client, Documents, Calendar and more.

What is missing from this list?

Zoho 3D, the Zoho virtual world, is missing from this list. Why?

Because it doesn’t exist.

There are other systems comparable to Zoho; Google Docs plus Google Groups plus Google Notebook, GoogleTalk, etc. provide much the same functionality; Zimbra is another, and there’s many more.

Some folks, like the folks at Sun Microsystem’s MPK20 project, IBM’s Irving Wladawsky-Berger, and companies like Qwaq, Tixeo, and others think the 3D avatar based virtual world adds a new level of expression to online communication for business.

The time seems to me to be ripe for outfits in the 2D multiuser collaboration business, like Zoho, to add 3D avatars in a virtual environment to their offerings.

Will there be a Zoho 3D? A Zimbra virtual world? A Google3D world with personal Googlatars?

How should I know? :p


One Response to “Zoho 3D?”

  1. 3dhaskell Says:

    Active Worlds displays some kind of web browser, doesn’t it?

    Second Life can display web pages but the management won’t use their web browser for anything but help for the SL world. Second Life’s not set up for people to use their real names, doesn’t have secure communication, and only has character tags for name and group title. For real world business it’d be nice to see the real name, job title, and employer titles.

    Small virtual worlds like you’d want for closed secure business collaboration are much easier to produce than a big virtual world grid like Linden Lab uses for Second Life.

    The Zoho folks should contact the Croquet 3D and see what good Croquet might be to them.

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