Blacken my eyes and make me bleed.

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Ning – what good is it?

I’m in Ning, and I’m not sure why, it doesn’t seem to be doing much for me.

What the heck is one supposed to do with Ning?

The Sun announces its retirement! farewell, Sol…

Sol, the sun, Earth’s nearest star, announced in a press release today that it would soon be retiring. “It’s not a sudden decision,” wrote the sun; “it was really nice long ago before humans arrived, and even after humans arrived it was nice for a while. Some of the humans even worshipped me as a god – man, that makes a celestial body feel real good, being worshipped. As humans got more advanced, though, they started thinking of me as just another star, and once they understood nuclear physics, they started thinking of me as just a perpetual hydrogen bomb. Who wants to be thought of as just a big bomb? But the thing that finally convinced it was time to retire was that sun in the sky at Second Life. That thing is huge! Now, instead of being worshipped, or at least thought of as a big ball of plasma, after seeing that monstrously big sun in the Second Life sky, people will look at me and think “Refrigerator bulb.” It’s not easy fusing hydrogen into helium all the time; I’d like to at least get a little respect. So that’s enough. I’m quitting.”

The Sun’s retirement will of course mean an end to all life on earth, which is to say, all known life in the universe. Questioned about their role in the cessation of all known life, Linden Lab spokespersons declined to comment.

Second Life’s Sun is too big, and has lousy effects

The sun in the skies of the Second Life virtual world is too big, way way way too big.

It looks to me like someone made a decimal point error in the programming that creates the sun.

I think maybe some “atmospheric” or “haze” effect has been rendered too large and too opaque, to the extent that the haze completely or almost completely blocks out the view of the sun itself, producing the appearance of a sun that’s at least TWENTY-FIVE TOO BIG!!!!!

It looks utterly terrible and stupid to me, and totally ruins the attempt to create a simulation of an earth like 2.5 D flatland.

This sun casts a yellow pall over the entire sky, and I think it may be distorting the color of objects and terrain as well, although this may be a psychological effect caused by the annoyance of having a display that used to please me turned into something so garish and childishly coloring book like and grossly inaccurate and out of place with its surroundings that I am driven to repeatedly using the Force Sun To Noon command to put the sun overhead and out of view.

I used to use the Force Sun to rise command (which was actually force sunset, but sunset was followed immediately by sunrise, so folks thought of it as force sunrise) to fend off the Second Life night, which I didn’t and still don’t care for too much most of the time.

I use to enjoy seeing the Second Life sun rise and set. Now I hate both the sunrise and the sunset, and if I’m not in the mood for setting the sun to noon, with the harsh shadows that produces, I’ve even set the night sky as bright as possible and set the sun to midnight, putting me in the dark that I still don’t like but which at least doesn’t look defective and amateurish like the current Second Life sun does.

Zoho 3D?

Zoho, is a set of web based programs for multi-user collaboration.

It has:

Zoho Writer – Online word processor with collaboration features.

Zoho Projects – Project management software to create, manage & collaborate online.

Zoho Sheet – Online alternative to traditional spreadsheet applications with powerful features like charting, collaboration & more.

Zoho CRM – Elegant & Affordable On-Demand CRM Solution

Zoho Show – Online presentation tool to create, edit, publish, and show presentations.

Zoho Creator – Create Online Database Applications in minutes.

Zoho Wiki – Wiki that is as easy to use as a word processor
with group concept, versions, sub-pages and more …

Zoho Planner – Online organizer to maintain your todo’s, reminders, notes, attachments

Zoho Notebook (private beta) – Create, Aggregate and Collaborate on multiple types of content online.

Zoho Chat – Unique and intuitive way to make group decisions faster.

Zoho Meeting (private beta) Web Conferencing – Meet Online & Showcase your Product.

Zoho Mail (private beta) A web-based collaboration groupware that includes Email Client, Documents, Calendar and more.

What is missing from this list?

Zoho 3D, the Zoho virtual world, is missing from this list. Why?

Because it doesn’t exist.

There are other systems comparable to Zoho; Google Docs plus Google Groups plus Google Notebook, GoogleTalk, etc. provide much the same functionality; Zimbra is another, and there’s many more.

Some folks, like the folks at Sun Microsystem’s MPK20 project, IBM’s Irving Wladawsky-Berger, and companies like Qwaq, Tixeo, and others think the 3D avatar based virtual world adds a new level of expression to online communication for business.

The time seems to me to be ripe for outfits in the 2D multiuser collaboration business, like Zoho, to add 3D avatars in a virtual environment to their offerings.

Will there be a Zoho 3D? A Zimbra virtual world? A Google3D world with personal Googlatars?

How should I know? :p

Easier multiple copies: User defined offsets for Control D copies

Pressing Control D currently duplicates an object at a fixed offset in the x and y directions.

We should be able to set these offsets independently for x, y, and z.

This would make creating regularly spaced copies of items easier, simpler, and faster than alternative methods.

There’s a Jira proposal at

If you’d like to have this feature, please log in to the sl jira system, vote for VWR-677, and make a favorable comment.

Then go to the thread in the forums at and show your support there.

Sun Labs announces virtual world for business collaboration

Yet another form of 3D virtual world has been announced by Sun Labs, a world designed to help real life workers work together better.

For more info see