Red Light Center – Sexual Virtual World

I think that Red Light Center uses ActiveWorlds technology –
but I’m not sure of that and I’m not waiting to find out before I
publish this.

5 Responses to “Red Light Center – Sexual Virtual World”

  1. Candy Says:

    Well you such take a look there are many things to do there one of the best Virtual World you will every find I been a member for almost a year and I luve it. So please come in and said Hi.

  2. Reflex Says:

    Yup I have to agree with Candy its alot of fun and not to expinsive like alot of other adult sites and you can do many more things.But please remember that the users are real people and have real feelings treat them with respect like you would in real life 🙂

  3. diamonblue Says:

    does this world give your computer a virus.

  4. johnson Says:

    ya i payed 20 yucks and connected twice rest of times i got stuck on trying to connect. anyways the graphics kinda suck ,i can play any game out there right now btw. so its not my pc. scam darn it!!!!!!!

  5. Redlightcenter map | Zubris Says:

    […] Red Light Center – Sexual Virtual World « Unable To Connect …Mar 11, 2007 … I think that Red Light Center uses ActiveWorlds technology – but I’m not sure … Email (required) (Address never made public). Name (required) … […]

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