Here’s another offering for the PS3, from the makers of Ragdoll Kung-Fu,  that might be of interest to Second Life users,  among others: .

It’s called LittleBigWorld.


Red Light Center – Sexual Virtual World

I think that Red Light Center uses ActiveWorlds technology –
but I’m not sure of that and I’m not waiting to find out before I
publish this.

Dear God:

What is up with tooth decay? What were you thinking???

If you did  exist, I’d have to say you must not have a brain in your head.  Tooth decay indeed.

Since you don’t exist, you still don’t have a brain in your head because you don’t even have a head, since you don’t exist.

Communication doesn’t stop with the virtual world.

Increasing the power of SL users to communicate with each other is said to be one primary goal of adding voice to SL.

There are a number of other features that could be added to the SL to increase the program’s usefulness as a communications tool.

Being able to send people email from within the program would increase the program’s usefulness as a communications system.

Being able to do filesharing between users would increase their ability to communicate with each other.

Being able to display HTML pages on an inworld browser would increase SL user’s communicative capabilities.

Many things that would increase the ability of SL users to communicate effectively with each other have nothing to do with enhancing the 3D virtual environment or increasing one’s sense of immersion in the virtual world.

Is Linden Lab really trying to maximize SL’s usefulness as a communciations system, regardless of whether additional capabilities increase one’s enjoyment of or immersion in the SL virtual world, or is LL concerned only with improvements that attempt to improve the virtual world experience, such as 3D spatialized sound?

If LL does not provide SL with a full set of communication abilities that don’t have anything to do with the 3D virtual world, then the absense of such non-virtual world communication tools provides an opportunity for competitors to provide a full featured communcations system that uses a virtual world as one part of a integrated system that includes video chat, email, voice, file sharing, blogs, forums, etc.