Down payment, rent per week and rent per week per sm in Estate land sales search

I posted the following in the SL feature suggestions forum:

I’d like to have something like Down Payment, Rent per week in dollars, rent per week in lindens, and rent per week per sm in both dollars and lindens in Estate land sales search.

Weeks could be months, or maybe per day would be the best, since people could enter the value in whichever time unit they want to get paid by and the system could calculate the value per day.

The currency would only be filled in for the units the seller/lessors entered.

I want to be able to price shop efficiently without having to go to the place to see what the real amounts are. The prices shown in the descriptions in the land search are frequently different from you see when you go to the parcel.

Also, might as well be able to read the convenant without going to the parcel.

I was asked how this would be enforced, to which I replied:

I have no idea!

Implementation is left to the reader, or umm…. anyone that’s not me… as an exercise.

One way would be to not enforce it – just let people give us the figures, if they turn out to be false when we get there we will know who not to trust.

Let’s see, who not to trust…. create a block ad field in people’s and group’s profiles; when we think someone is giving false figures we block ads from that person. If the sellers displease us, they lose their chance at the potential income stream we represent – forever, or till we get over it.

For places that rent in Lindens it is conceptually possible for the SL system to handle this – it doesn’t violate any laws of physics. Parcels would have a down payment field and a rent per time field. To rent it you’d click on some dialog boxes authorizing down payment and first months rent, and agreeing to the covenant. Your about land display would include the amount and due date for each parcel you rent.

For places that charge in real currency through paypal – I have no idea how it would be enforced. What happens in the real world if you read a classified ad for an apartment for rent and when you get there you are told the rent is higher than the price in the ad?

I remember going to multiple listing service places in the real world, before everything was networked together, waiting to look at paper printouts of places for rent. I assume the information was collected by telephone and snail mail. The ads would be sorted by location and by price, if I remember correctly, possibly sorted manually.

Flying around to get data that could be gathered for us in one spot, searchable and sortable, sucks. We do better than that in the real world. We should be able to do better than that in the virtual.