Testbot program running many accounts with first name Mannequin at LibSL HQ November 8 2006

This is the testbot program being used to run many accounts with the first name mannequin, copying the avatars of those nearby. This was at the libsecondlife group headquarters in Hooper in the Second Life virtual world. This was just before the big commotion over Copybot got started, when it still carefree fun playing with the “bot” programs.

libsecondlife is a group in the Second Life virtual world with a core group of programmers working to improve, extend, and enhance the Second Life experience for users of Second Life by producing the means for the creation of alternate viewers and viewer enhancements for the Second Life virtual world.

“The means” meaning a network abstraction layer for the SL data stream.

(Edited to correct error in labeling the program in use as Copybot instead of Testbot. )


multi-user remote operated physical reality

I wonder if one could make a multi-user remote operated physical reality,  something along the lines of a place set up with a bunch of  internet-controlled  remote control type cars with web cams mounted on them?

The cars, robots, whatever could all be in the same place.   Or there could be multiple places set up with these remote operated vehicles, each with standardized environments,  and the images merged into one.

I hate the WordPress editor.

I hate the WordPress editor software I am using to type this in.  It sucks and I wish I could bring it to life so that I could have the pleasure of killing it.

getting started with libsecondlife

This entry is based on a post by someone other than me  that appeared in forums.secondlife.com.

This entry assumes you are using  Windows .

1. Download and install VisualC# Express from http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/visualcsharp/.

2. Download TortoiseSVN from http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads  and install it.

3. Create a folder called “dev” (w/o quotes) in C:\ (or in the root directory of some other harddrive).

5. Right click the dev  folder, select SVN Checkout… from the context menu.

6. In the URL of Repository field, put in “svn://svn.berlios.de/libsecondlife/” (w/o quotes)

7. Click the Ok button. Files should start getting downloaded. When “Completed”, press Ok.

Now look inside the dev folder and the subfolders for sln files or proj files.   Doubleclick them.

This should cause Visual C# to open and load the selected file.

On the right there is a window called the Solution Explorer. Right click an item labeled “Solution” and select Build.

Beyond this you have to stop following cookbook style instructions and start learning C#,  read the libsecondlife documentation,  read the code in the programs you just downloaded, and  generally try to make your brain explode.

Reading the Second Life Terms of Service and putting your sense of empathy in gear would also be a good idea at this stage.

“Waiting To Die”

“Waiting To Die” is one of the candidates for the name of this WordPress blog.

I considered it just slightly too depressing.

Copybot: LibSL’s GLIntercept for objects

The End Of Selling Objects?

The libsl group has produced a program called copybot, which, among other things,  allows one to log on to the SL servers and copy objects belonging to other people.

There was a bit of furor a while back about the program GLIntercept. GLIntercept is a program that intercepts the OpenGL data being sent from LL and copies it, thus allowing one to copy textures received for display by secondlife.exe.

I think at least one person was suspended (not banned)  from SL for mentioning GLIntercept in the LLSL forums.

Copybot is able to perfectly reproduce objects, along with their textures.  The statue or piece of furniture one worked so hard to create in hopes of selling it can be recreated flawlessly by Copybot. Recreated flawlessy but not identically – the creator field will be different, the version produced by the Copybot proram will show the name of the account the Copybot program used to log in with, not the person who actually created the object design.

Linden Lab suppressed discussion of GLIntercept in its forums.  GLIntercept is  a program created entirely outside of and distinct from  Second Life and Linden Research,  but LL  has been and is aiding in the creation of copybot, along with the libsl’s other projects.

Linden Lab took disciplinary action against SL users for talking about GLIntercep because it aided in copy and sale of the result of texture creator’s  efforts,  despite the fact that is was not an exploit of a flaw in SL, but now it aids a group in the creation of a system that allows reproduction and sale  of an object  creator’s work.

If SL objects and collections of SL objects are copyrightable works of art, and LL claims to respect the IP rights of SL users, then why are they aiding in the production of a program that overlooks, evades, and destroys those rights?


October 13, 2008: This is an old post.  I am getting hostile comments and no enlightening or interesting comments on it, so I’m closing comments.

Second Life Bugs 11-2-6 aka Known Issues – Expanded form

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