Combat Sims

Getting into the combat sims is easy; staying there without getting killed is a bit harder.

It took a good 30 minutes to an hour to get there and stay in without getting killed instantly.

The other folks don’t do anything as sportsman like as saying hello and asking if you are there to fight or to watch, they just sucker punch you, assuming they haven’t left drone killers out. l

There are three adjacent combat sims in a line, with rather awkward names,  but you can find them if you put combat in the region search in the map and click Search.  They are the Red Team’s  HQ, the Blue Team’s HQ, and in the middle Rausch.

There’s also a Weapons Testing sandbox not far from the Combat sims.

Not many folks in the Combat sims, but there’s 27 in the weapons testing sim.

The regular sandbox sim Sandbox Island currently has 35 people in it, just for contrast.

Hmm, maybe one should use a camera control function to lock one’s camera where they want,  while shooting one’s av around at random to avoid attack.  It’s a though, at least.


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