Where is the missing inventory problem?

The known issues for October 14 2006 are at http://secondlife.com/support/known-issues.php

A short form of that page is shown below.

There is a problem  with vendors giving inventory, the item given appears in your inventory,  but if you log out and back in the item is gone.

This has been said to be a known issue, but I don’t see it in the known issues.  Do you?

SL-25682: Uploaded animations all have the spread fingers pose
SL-21080: Unable to right-click when wearing a ‘FlipTitle’ attachment (better repro needed)
SL-11428: No copy objects lost on llGiveInventory() to a busy mode avatar
SL-26101: Script editor window unable to dismiss script command inserter after scrolling it.
SL-26099: Show land owners setting doesnt persist between uses
SL-25445: Cannot return objects belonging to yourself
SL-25236: Land access/ban list unable to add the 48th name to the list.
SL-24720: Should be able to delete contents of a no-modify object
SL-24602: wind volume slider does not affect wind volume
SL-24431: Copy To Inventory and Copy And Wear buttons do not copy inventory
SL-23593: Members of a group cannot set their home location when land is only set to a group and not deeded
SL-23579: Custom settings are not saved after taking a snapshot
SL-23568: Declined inventory does not return no-copy objects back to the sender
SL-22678: Debug>Character>Flush Animations causes viewer to crash
SL-21174: UI size causes drag-select to miss objects
SL-21137: double clicking for sale land in world map should display the parcel in the finder
SL-20891: Attachment particles are visible in mouselook
SL-19761: Death teleport fails when teleporting to a home point you no longer have access to
SL-19641: Hitting enter while chat history has focus should focus the chat bar
SL-18951: Mouselook, alt-zoom, avatar steering all drift when UI size != 1.0
SL-18604: twist on flexies should be uniform across the length of the primitive
SL-18362: Scripted tree rezzers do not rez trees when land/rezzer owner is offline
SL-18064: prims disappear then reappear
SL-17885: deleting a no-copy item from object should ask for confirmation
SL-17884: multi-select in inventory is sometime inaccurate
SL-17039: drag-select selects objects in the wrong order
SL-15601: Packet Loss is pegged on iMac after logging in.
SL-14370: Agent’s inputs can only be acted on by an object sat on or an attached object in some cases
SL-13569: IM goes to email if recipient is teleporting
SL-13053: Estate owners and managers sometimes bypass the telehub
SL-12508: Objects rezzed by deeded objects are being returned to the creator, not the last-owner.
SL-11957: Faces of a hollowed out cube with alpha texture applied draw in the wrong order
SL-11750: Inworld objects can’t be selected when behind HUD object set transparent via llSetAlpha(0,ALL_SIDES)
SL-11589: deleted gestures still work
SL-11368: clicking for-sale land on World map should find the parcel in finder
SL-10473: llSetObjectName doesn’t update the inventory name of an attachment on detach
SL-5379: Texture all sides on multi prim object fails with latencey
SL-26035: caps lock causes world map search failure
SL-25395: Resolution cannot be changed while in fullscreen mode
SL-24444: clicking away from Land & L$ tab asks you to Apply Changes
SL-24053: Cannot terraform land when the ajoining sim has block terraform enabled
SL-23227: Editing a link part while an avatar is sitting on the object doesnt move the avatar
SL-22656: Buy and Join land are available in the edit menu when you drag a box across a parcel divide
SL-22650: Clicking ok when recieving a group notice with an object attached displays a you declined x in your chat history
SL-22636: Offered inventory text in chat history is not shown in system message color
SL-22141: Mouse wheel doesn’t zoom in/out when uploading media
SL-22134: Removing yourself from owner role (as sole owner) unchecks and greys out the owner role until relog
SL-21434: UI size impacts viewable area of movie
SL-21291: Appears you can change the texture on an object you don’t own on your viewer only
SL-20816: SOUND: HUD sounds don’t play when “Restrict spatialized sound to this parcel” is on in About Land > Media
SL-20726: Stop button does not work when previewing uploaded animation using In and Out percentages with Loop
SL-20717: Snapshot preview is chunky if one window dimention is > 1024
SL-20690: Camera controls do not work after accessing pull down menus in Snapshot
SL-20326: Snapshot, scripted light objects dont freeze when the world is frozen
SL-20325: Snapshot, flexible objects update by 1 frame on lod change when world is frozen.
SL-20324: ‘Update Snapshot’ button does not update client-side rendering features
SL-20150: Classifieds update button is available on first opening of window
SL-19929: Autopilot, doesnt cancel at your selected destination quickly enough
SL-19880: Only the first Landmark received while offline opens when you log in
SL-19065: AV Texture Baking on mis-aligned Mac dual montiors results in black AVs!
SL-19010: Simulator thinks a cut, hollow, tapered cube prim is solid at hollow 95%
SL-18652: map’s clear button fails if cursor is in the region field
SL-18444: Object remains highlighted in inventory after rez
SL-18166: Inventory Window > File > Close All Folders only affects the All Items view
SL-17855: hitting escape should un-focus the “Friends” window
SL-16425: View frustum is sometimes incorrect on login
SL-16363: llEscapeURL and llUnescapeURL caps output to 255 characters
SL-16202: llGetListEntryType returns a string result for a key
SL-15917: double clicking a number in the color picker should leave it selected
SL-15656: CHANGED_LINK event fires when llSetPrimitiveParams is called
SL-13997: “busy” cursor after teleporting via landmark
SL-13693: vehicles rezzed on a prim will not work in all cases
SL-13443: llTargetOmega does not work consistently on child prims
SL-12996: estate messages bounce back from people in Busy mode
SL-12915: Child camera in another region renders world as if underwater when main agent is in an adjacent region with a higher water level
SL-12683: Opening notecard moves camera position to default view
SL-12607: Tube with alpha always draws inside out
SL-12546: Estate Tools: Detail Textures should not accept anything but 512×512 textures
SL-12408: Teleport puts you at telehub, even if increases travel distance
SL-12329: Name tags flicker on region crossing
SL-11709: Zoomed in HUD doesn’t un-zoom after exiting Edit mode if you detach all HUD objects
SL-11008: Hollow twisted tubes with specific parameters collide as solid cubes
SL-11001: “Unknown Source” dialog when when someone buys land for group from you
SL-10314: Bubble chat: Chat shouted by an avatar should go to the Chat Console
SL-9295: llTargetOmega does not change spin rate of attachments
SL-8882: Grass and trees behind a semi-transparent (alpha) object appear in front of it
SL-8750: llSetText on child prims disappears on attach
SL-8719: World > Start Gesture only focuses the Chat bar
SL-8512: Mouse clicks do not register in Preferences window between frame draws when viewer frame rate is low
SL-7328: llSetText/Hover Text is scaled/fuzzy on HUD attachments
SL-6145: World Map zoom level does not persist between
SL-6124: Viewer window reacts to cursor entering when not focused on Windows PC
SL-4808: Sitting avatar stands up when dragging clothes on
SL-4391: Cannot see another avatar’s jacket’s change of upper fabric until lower fabric selected
SL-22139: Show land owners color changes for a person given bypass edit land controls after they relog
SL-16359: Cut sides of a prim are momentarily visible at some cut values
SL-6542: Closing IM tab switches focus to the right, not the left
SL-6251: Red line in Statistics Bar > Packet Loss when fully expanded
SL-4159: Last letter of group name lost when naming group “GroupX” or “GroupY”
SL-4144: Build button becomes active when the Zoom tool is activated by Appearance mode


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