My Web Pages

I have a geocities page, it’s at .

I have a page at fateback. its’ at  .

I got a free web site at freehostia, but it didn’t seem to work properly with PHPeditor or Dreamweaver, so I never did anything with it.

Making a web site that amounts to anything is a fair bit of work, that requires repeated activity day after day, adding in little bits to further a goal.  If you don’t do it well enough to get some positive response from viewers, and you don’t find the experience rewarding in and of its self, it’s a lot of work for little return.

One way to try to cut down on the amount of work one does on a site while still making a site of some merit is to make a wiki and let other people share in the labor.

I made a wiki, somewhat impulsively at 3 or so in the morning a few weeks ago.
The wiki I made is called Second Life User Guide; it’s at .  This wiki could be useful, it’s easy to enter text and links and such.
I made it where you have to get invited to edit it, but I think maybe I should make it where any person registed at that wiki site can edit it, or even where anyone can edit it.
There’s not a lot of info in it, but anyone with info to donate can help solve that problem.
There’s SL wikis other than the two I would consider the main ones, the LSL wiki and the History wiki; they may have somewhat the same purpose but be using better, fancier software, and have more material, in which case it might make more sense to contribute to them instead of the one I started.  Still, this illustrates just how easy it is to make use of sophisticated software, for free and as easy as reading some not real complex  instructions and following them.


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