Hello virtual world!

I just got this blog, I wonder if I will find anything to write in it.  My track record on web pages so far is pretty lackluster.

Heh heh, the spell checker doesn’t know the word “blog”.  One might think they would have added that in.

It’s a shame that the voice to text program “Naturally Speaking” doesn’t give me any better results than it does, voice to text seems like a sensible way to make the sort of short, disconnected passages that seem to me to be suited to a lazy and disorganized blogger such as I expect to be.

It appears that the editor doesn’t do word wrap properly all the time, which seems rather
primitive. I would like to report that this was operator error, but after fiddling with it a while, it doesn’t seem that is the case.   Inconsistent behaviour.

The inability to restrict the displayed image size is also a bit of a handicap.  Hopefully there is some way around that.

I would like to be able to adjust the line break in the title, but I don’t see a way.


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